Sleeping & Eating

Share your Berget "know-how" and what is necessary to be prepared for when going to Berget-games.
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Sleeping & Eating

Post by Spof » 02 Oct 2008, 10:51

Use the game-off time between 03:00 - 09:00 too rest/sleep. Eat atleast two meals per day and small snacks inbetween.

I have seen players & crew behave like total idiots becourse of lack of sleep and food. I have seen entire platoons whine and moan with morale in the bottom, suddenly after some food and rest they get back with team-spirit and enthusiasm.

My point is, YOU need sleep and food to enjoy the Berget-games.
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Post by meathead » 02 Oct 2008, 10:56

A good breakfast, dinner and some powerbars in between will keep you in good shape. Bur remeber to drink at least 3-5l of pure water during the day.

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Post by Sebbe » 02 Oct 2008, 11:23

And keep off the soda! There's nothing worse to drink while doing physical activities than soda (except for alcohol that is)
Coca Cola for example will drain your bodyfluids... Ever wondered why you need to pee so often while drinking soda? Now you know.

I'd recommend pack a few boxes of raisins, energybars and juice to give that extra boost you need sometimes.
Your teammates will love you too, that's why i tell everyone to bring water and something to eat on events, so you don't have to share.

I haven't been on Berget before but that even counts to Sunday games.
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Post by kjsaw » 02 Oct 2008, 12:12

MRE's or similar are designed to solve exactly these problems, they come packaged with many items you can snack on during the day. They have electrolyte powders you can add to your water (don't put these directly into your canteen, bring a seperate bottle for mixing and drinking them).
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Post by kjsaw » 02 Oct 2008, 13:26

Brujo wrote: I wouldn't add much more than - stay in shape over the entire year around. No water or food can provide you with stamina and agility.
This is very important, be able to move at a reasonable pace with your gear on over a few km of terrain. Wear good boots, with good socks. Look after you feet.

Sleep whenever you get a chance. If you are waiting around in the forest, waiting in base for some orders take turns getting some power naps done.

And keep your gear ready to go. If you are not sleeping, eating or fighting, be making sure your gear is in good order, your mags are loaded and your canteen is full.
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Post by NIN » 02 Oct 2008, 16:12

When you are not used to the midsummer night sun make sure that you shield your eyes from light and that you can block out sound (ear-pluggs). Evereyone would be amazed of how many players I have met on day three of Berget and they have not got one minute of sleep. The result of this are injuries and poor judgement in general and people missing the fun due to insomnia. Everyone who has been in this state knows what im talking about. You are there but not really there.

I have seen guys walking about aimlessly and into trees without a clue what they are doing.

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Post by RRP Taksi » 03 Oct 2008, 03:35

Yes, drink WATER, and don´t mess with kjsaw:s mre:s... Or youll b in the crapper litterally.. :P

Drink water before, during and after everything you do..
Make sure you take water with you no matter how short your mission is.
Maybe you don´t need it, but you can offer it to someone who does....
I´ve seen serious dehydration, it wasn´t funny. :twisted:

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Post by Windi^ » 03 Oct 2008, 09:47

Also make sure to have some salt in your body too. You must drink water but do not forget the salt balance. Eat some pickles or have some kind of sport drink (gatorade, dexal or similar) once in a while.
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Post by Panzergraf » 07 Oct 2008, 00:07

Remember that it's a game. If you've been out and doing stuff the whole day and barely got any sleep last night, no-one, not even your company commander, has the right to make you get up and do stuff. Get whatever sleep you feel you need.

You can miss out on some cool shit while sleeping though :wink:

Bring your own food and enough of it even if you order food tickets. You might not be in base at the time food is served (as that would mean missing out on yet more cool shit), and it's nice to be able to cook your own warm meals afterwards.
I didn't order meal tickets last year, but I will this time. I was surprised at how good the food tasted!

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Post by motorhead » 04 Nov 2008, 01:44

vinni wrote:and for the people who want to lie on MRE's for the entire event, bring a laxative, you'll need it ;)
I ate self-heating Heatermeals dinners with no stomach disorders all 5 days at B6.

These come with a spoon and/or fork and only required opening an enclosed plastic bag with saltwater being emptied into the bottom chemical-reaction heat element. Allow to self-boil for 10 minutes and enjoy!

How it works:

Worked like a charm and very convenient.
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Post by Berget-events » 07 Nov 2008, 19:37

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Post by Klevengen » 27 Nov 2008, 20:52

Note: Please keep your cantines filled with water, AND nothing else. This is in case of a real injury!
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Post by Eldoriath » 30 Nov 2008, 21:45

Klevengen wrote:Note: Please keep your cantines filled with water, AND nothing else. This is in case of a real injury!
Adding to that. Filling your cantine with liquids containging suger will quickly become an bacteria hoard in the heat which might become a high risk for diarrea, vomiting and/or feeling ill for the rest of the game. So if you decide to do this, make sure to wash it out thoroughly (sp?) afterwards, and try to keep it cool if possible.
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Post by Murrdohk » 01 Dec 2008, 00:41

Hey guys, I'm new to the airsoft arena but have been an avid MilSim paintballer for many years now so though my choice of weapon has been differnet up until now, I've been around the block a few times myself. My bit of advice here would be to get a Camelback or equivalent hydration bladder if you don't already have a canteen. I believe you can find them to hold up to 3 liters of water and from experience, the best type of carrier is a MOLLE set-up that you can attack to the outside back of a MOLLE vest.

The reason I say this is because a vest with a bult-in hydration pack usually can't be filled up as much before it becomes unconfortable to wear as it makes the vest tight and then you'll have to constantly readjust it with the more water you drink. Also, an internal water bladder tends to heat up rather quickly as it is pressed directly against your back and people tend to drink less when the water's warm. I personally throw in a few ice cubes as well and the water stays cool for hours. Hope this helps.:)
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Post by NL_Lexxie » 01 Dec 2008, 16:00

Murrdohk wrote:H I personally throw in a few ice cubes as well and the water stays cool for hours.
Drinking water that is cold could give you stomach problems as well. During intense airsoft it is better to drink water that is Luke warm instead of chilled.
It has everything to do whit how your stomach/body reacts to hot and cold. If you are feeling warm because you exercised you will start sweating this is to cool you down, this also cools your blood underneath your skin which then can act as a coolant for the core of your body. If in this case your should drink chilled water the blood flow to your skin is reduced and redirected to your stomach to heat the water in your stomach to just below body temperature for absorption in your body. The redirected blood can not cool down and act as a coolant witch could result in "not feeling so well" and having "the runs". In extreme cases this could even help the process of overheating your body.


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