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Post by Dimori » 22 Jun 2012, 11:07

Surmuri wrote:I must say, "adderpack" doesn't help... actually there's no proof that it will help anyway when a snake (adder/viper) bites.
The most important thing is not to move your bitten limb (it's good to use a splint) and get to the doctor ASAP (by carrying).
Even though there is no proof that it works, there is also no proof that it doesn't. The hydrocortisone in the packs may help some people and someone it may not. It's better to have one just in case rather than not having at all...

E: Anyway you should always seek medical treatment after you've been bitten by a snake. No matter what species or if you took or didn't took any medicine.
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Post by Surmuri » 22 Jun 2012, 12:10

According the doctors who have treated snake bites there hasn't been any differences between patients who have taken medicine and those who haven't. Also there no scientific proof. Though taking the medicine don't make the situation worse.
Taking that amount of cortisone oraly has no effect and if it has it will take two days...
More important is to have equipment to make a good splint, cause it's important to not to move the bitten limb. Reducing muscle work while getting to doctor is the key. So if your teammate gets bitten, prepare to help to carry him/her out of the woods.
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Post by Naitzo » 22 Jun 2012, 16:32

The snake is no problem. It's likely to run off into a hole and be gone. It's called "Hoggorm" in Norway btw.
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Post by Eldoriath » 22 Jun 2012, 16:44

A little about swedish snakes from a pamphlet. Note that snakes and lizards are protected species in sweden and may not be injured or killed.

Adders and other snakes
Sweden has three species of snake which are all protected throughout
the country. They are the adder, the smooth snake and the grass
snake. The grass snakes are completely harmless. So is the rare
smooth snake; but since it is sometimes confused with the adder, it is
occasionally killed by mistake.

Adders live primarily on voles and mice, and may thus be of some
use. They never attack humans spontaneously, they only strike if they
feel threatened. Grounds can be made unattractive to snakes by
cutting grass very short, removing brushwood, and by keeping piles of
compost and leaves at a good distance from the house. It should be
noted, however, that the same measures will also discourage hedgehogs.
It is not permitted to catch or kill adders and other snakes in the
wild. Adders found on house grounds may be removed or, if no other
alternative is available, may be killed as a last resort. Grass and
smooth snakes may never be moved without explicit permission.
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Post by Lokke » 22 Jun 2012, 17:21

Last Berget bite? Never I think.

Keep focusing on dehydration and enough food I say. :)
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