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Share your Berget "know-how" and what is necessary to be prepared for when going to Berget-games.
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New to Berget

Post by Ottobert » 27 Apr 2013, 10:51

Gold morning Ladys and Gents,

A friend it mine just recommended me this Event to me, and I habe to das that I like what I saw so far.
But since I got a few questions left I thought it would be quite smart to just ask them in the forums.
1. I already played at several airsoft events, but of course not in that size. And since I'm not an owner of an airsoft weapon which might be good enough to be taken to Berget, I wanted to ask if its possible to rent airsoft weapons directly at the event...?
2. In other events there weren't so many different types of playstyles, and we always were at the front so it wasn't that tactical :D. That leads to my question: Would it be ok for a newcomer to start at Berget as a sniper right away...?
3. Now a more Berget specific question: I already read through the forums, but I couldn't find a clear definition for the Civillians... What are they going to do during the game, and which side do they fight for ?

I hope these weren't too much questions... :x

Thanks in advance

Damn auto-correct :x

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Re: New to Berget

Post by Sgt._Shaw » 29 Apr 2013, 01:01

I will try to answer some of your questions above:

1. Don't know about any rental. Those who don't have a good airsoft mostly lend one from a teammate or friend.
Recommendation for that: If you have got a good friend with a good airsoft who is not coming to berget, just ask him! Or make the step and buy one (there are stores at the safezone).
2. Surely you can start as a sniper, BUT be aware of the requirements for this unit! If it's GCT-recon you need to be in very good physical condition (stamina!!!!) and have some extra equipment. And the other units which CAN have snipers in it, got similar requirements (Hitmans and Blood Ravens).
3. Civilians do LARP. Which means they don't really fight, except their chosen LARP-role leads to that. They are neutral, but CAN give information to one or both sides, or as already stated can help fighting GCT or Ravens/UA17.

If you need any further information you can also write a PM to your countrys international representative (see viewtopic.php?f=139&t=7368)
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Re: New to Berget

Post by M.Svensson » 02 Jul 2013, 14:58

3. Civilians are LARPers (Live action role players) which mean that they play a role and not just fighting, but of course they can fight for example when I was at the civilians water supply washing my face and drinking on my way home to the GCT base we met some civilians that had deathrags and they were also Swedish so we started talking. Turns out those civilians had attacked the GCT base since they had been mistreated by GCT members from what I understood and here I thought GCT were the good guys :? .
so basicly a civilian can be supporting any of the sides based on what his character thinks is right or maybe it's just a civilian without weapons who just try to have as good as possible even though it's a warzone.
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