Take a dump in the forrest.

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Take a dump in the forrest.

Post by Spof » 01 May 2013, 08:27

When I play longer airosftgames I have like 1meter toilet paper wrapped inside a small plastic bag in my right leg pocket. So if I need to take a dump and are out on a mission I can to my business without returning to base.

However I always make sure that I try to kick up some leaves or moss and cover everything after im done, I also tent to put a brick sized rock over it so the toilet paper / grass don’t blow away.

If you follow this simple trick we wont have any complaints from landovers and, hunters and berry pickers after our games. And of course if you are close to base, use your regular toilets in base.
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Re: Take a dump in the forrest.

Post by olaman » 01 May 2013, 17:32

  • Find natural hole in the ground.
    Aim as best as you can.
    Do your business.
    Cover with moss and leaves.
    Cover with stoneS.
    Tell no-one.
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Re: Take a dump in the forrest.

Post by diamid » 02 May 2013, 09:13

Just look out for these guys http://www.survivalschool.us/wp-content ... -camo2.jpg and make sure you have easy access to you death-rag.
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