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Whats your opinion on in-game currency we used?

Great addition! Make currency one of the main features in future games!
I hate the idea, it destroys everything!!!1oneone
I liked it, but provide more info next time!
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Re: $$$

Post by cloud » 09 Jul 2008, 22:26

_JT_ wrote:If you'd known who WTF is, you'd never write such crap.

i dont care who the --- SPAM !!! --- you are and if you want to arrange a meeting i would love to come!

you wrote earlier you searched our vehicles, now you write you only checked what was on the back of the trucks.. seems like your changing the story a bit but hey, nothing is lost apart from a bunch of ptwmags

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Post by timpa » 09 Jul 2008, 22:38

Dont stray from the topic and keep the language down. first and last warning.
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Post by hampy » 10 Jul 2008, 06:58

if some oe had told me that the Berget dollars was worth a price. i have 300:000:- and it sucks BE crew that you didint inform.

Black Orbit
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Post by Black Orbit » 10 Jul 2008, 07:07

It's a nice idea to put those in the game but IMO berget crew should have done one big breifing or small briefings for every base 1 or 2 hours before the game starts.

Without that breifing even people that read the site before game dont remember everything so that could give a refresh or actual things that they didn't read on the site, fact on the field is that only one guy from our platoon ever knew about money ingame and he knew that the money is used to get the SPR help for some amount of that.
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Re: $$$

Post by _JT_ » 10 Jul 2008, 08:16

cloud wrote:
_JT_ wrote:If you'd known who WTF is, you'd never write such crap.

i dont care who the --- SPAM !!! --- you are and if you want to arrange a meeting i would love to come!
Sure we can meet, but you better start practice. Many have thought, they can meet with us but failed. Our alcohol source is unlimited and our endurance is endless.

If you have not noticed, my first message was actually written in a humorous note. That is what airsoft should be about. You took it to a completely different level of almost accusing us of theft.

I consider this toopic as closed for this public forum. If you feel like you need to talk to me some more, email me or call me. I'll PM you the numbers.
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Post by Kartoon » 10 Jul 2008, 09:54

hokke wrote:Gravewind> and by the way, our recon squad managed to get through your lines, find the helo-wreck and observe your recontroops so let's call it even shall we ;P
You couldn't get trough our lines to the helo wreck because our lines weren't that far :)
We let CIA operatives and later on NATO forces pass trough our lines so they could use a road to get trough and out from our perimeter and to the wreck.

Just nitpicking :P (the competitive side steps into play)
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Post by trooper » 10 Jul 2008, 11:02

We get our first money on the last day. But without any information. It would be good to give all players the information before the game - maybe in this forum or in the rules.
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Post by AreMannen » 11 Jul 2008, 03:39

I just heard rumors off these money while being at berget.

For the next time i think berget should inform of the moneys function on the websites.

Also i think berget should make an overview of wich roles in the game are more in the direction of LARP and wich are more in the direction og MILSIM.

Had I known of this aspect of the game i would have chosen a different role.

I will absolutely be coming back next year.
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Post by tom_sk » 12 Jul 2008, 11:39

i think money were good thing. however, we experienced in-game money in several other games already, so it was not new to us. the information what to use it for was missing though, so we were not "collecting" them until I think third day or so. information flow needs to be improved for next year, but keep the money :)

_JT_ and cloud, i think you are both referring to different cars. I would like to clarify this if mods allow.

cloud - you were referring to pick up and searching it, but we searched police car only (that is the car JT is referring to). In fact we did not really search THE car, but only a specific person inside the car. we saw him taking money from gen. Conrad, and we knew how much he had. we stopped the car below the mercs base, made that guy get off and give us money. funny thing was that we were tricked by him anyway and instead of robbing the guy of 200k we took only 1,2k or something :)

we never searched any pick up AFAIK, the only other car we search was waffelkes van while "attacking" UN base. I believe you guys were with us on that mission (if indeed you were the ones who drove those three pickups).

therefore cloud, i think you are barking on the wrong tree. sorry you had bad experience, but it is not our fault
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Post by Kane » 12 Jul 2008, 23:38

MilSim seems to mean different things depending on who you ask... but...

MilSim means Military Simulation and therefore the "LARP"-elements should be welcomed by "milsimmers" since there are in fact all kinds of problem-solving elements in a real war (interacting with civilians, negotiations with different sides of the conflict and dealing with every-day problems) and not just a shootingrange where you can shoot everything and everyone that moves (that would be speeball in airsoft-terms).
The in-game money and the "LARP"-elements definitely hightened the game-experience for a lot of people and made the game more interesting.
By the way, the "LARP"-elements on this event was only to talk to, and to interact with other players, not to create RPG characters...
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Post by meathead » 13 Jul 2008, 22:18

soljarka wrote:
motörhead wrote:And to me the words "Airsoftgame with elements of milsim" are not equal to [fill in theatrical , Monty Pytonish, thundering voice from above] ---> "Though shalt expect some Live Action Role Play, me laddie! So prepare thyself for that honour, stout yeoman!".<---
ROFL :D +1
That's it. The word "Airsoftgame" has nothing to do with LARP, dear Meathead.
Dear soljarka, the word Airsoftevent or Airsoftgame has nothing do to with milsim. So ?

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