why the embassy?

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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why the embassy?

Post by mcuz » 06 Jul 2009, 15:02

The Gas/CIA/State crew like to say thank you for this years Berget event.

Here's OUR backstory (not our cover story, because we had non). And sorry mr mayor for all the radio traffic ;)
[insert funny country here]'s gas reserves ranked in the top dozen in the world. But due to instability in neighboring country Liburania, 170 trillion cubic feet of gas was stranded in [insert funny country here]. All old trade routes and pipelines all when trough Liburania.

Philips-Buckley gas'n oil, the third largest gas and oil company in the US saw interest in the stranded gas. Getting a working contract and a functional pipeline through Liburania would make Philips-Buckley the world's largest energy resource company.
Mr. Robert Morris vice CEO of Philips-Buckley and head of division East, saw this project as a non-brainer and a good way to increase his status in the company. “Something to be remeberd by” he said in a interview about the project.

Building new pipelines needed huge founding but no commercial bank would agree to lend money to finance a project risky as this. The only possibility was to borrow from the World Bank. Development banks as this were founded by rich governments to promote economic growth in poor countries. But they would only lend money if the Philips-Buckley pipeline linked and entered countries with recognized, stable governments.

A working pipeline would also benefit Liburania with a steady income from gas transport taxes and local gas pumping stations.

Morris traveled to the region to set up local offices and to start negotiations with concerning governments.
Philips-Buckley managed to sign a contract with [insert funny country here] state owned gas company Ogabagah, INC and contracts to pipe gas to all nearby regions. The whole project now relied on the World bank.

To overcome the Liburania security issue, Morris contacted the White house and State Department for help. Both listened interested about economical gain in ex communist areas. And with presidential election coming up the president saw a opportunity to get extra oil money into his election campaign. US presence in the region could also gain US influence on a political level over near by Russia, China and India.

The US embassy had been closed due to the unstable situation in Liburania and the fact the country had become a comduit for drugs and crime. The White house saw it as a first step the ensure the World Bank that stability were increasing, to open up the embassy again. CIA was now getting involved and saw this as a possibility to start operation in the area again.

The new US policy about Liburania stated "Stability in Liburania is needed or economic opportunities will be missed".

With green light from the White House, Morris hired Geoff von Kvast, a Liburania specialist at the University of London, to develop a job training program in Bashir city that would teach civilians the technical skills needed to build a pipeline. Together with State Department officials the group traveled to Liburania.
Here's the fist contact with the mayor. http://philipsbuckley.fileave.com/bashir_mayor.pdf

we'll add our game report shortly, and some pics.

Best regards
Robert Morris ;)
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Post by KI-Creeper » 08 Jul 2009, 18:18

I loved the letter.

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Post by Geboren » 09 Jul 2009, 12:54

Haha nice! I hoped to see some of you 'cause we know on a different forum but you were too stealth. Nice job guys!

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Post by Mayor » 10 Jul 2009, 09:35

I am very sorry we had no chance to finish the important work that we started together, to make the Bashir Province, Bashir City and Liburania a safer place for everyone, establish economic growth through foreign investments and to create ways for the Liburanian people to be a part of european poltics. I hope we will be able to continue our cooperation next year, even though Bashir City is no more. :(

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