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Feedback e debriefings from Berget 7.
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Post by Rhyn0 » 30 Jun 2009, 22:45

beerparty was a + for the romanian crew.

one thing i would suggest is give freebies in a raffle, not throw them because people got hurt a bit in the confusion. i know one guy who sprained an ankle, and saw a few bloody noses from elbows( unintentional).
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Post by nivea » 01 Jul 2009, 10:42

I got the information, the first day in SZ, that beer was the only alcoholic berverage to be served at the party and that was one of the reasons I didn't go. (The other reason was sleeping in the same tent as at least six snoring guys during 3 nights without earplugs and therefore with a great lack of sleep :? )

Not everyone drinks beer and I'd like to see some alternatives next year or if not possible, at least the possibility to bring your own stuff.

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Post by Smokes » 01 Jul 2009, 16:50

I fully agree with Nivea. The beerparty was awesome, as usual, but I'm allergic to lager - 2 years ago there was some choice (cider), which I missed this time. Outside of that A+!

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Post by Bersu » 01 Jul 2009, 17:58

I think the party was great. We finns had great time there and the beer was reasonably priced on my opinion. Also there was only airsofters as far as I remember, so now problem with random visitors. Keep this up!
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Post by Giersu_ » 01 Jul 2009, 21:02

Well, we decided not to go for the party because of it's location. Being clean at last, we really hated the idea of putting ourselves back in uniforms and going all the way back to BC (thus ruining all the shower effect).
Pity it wasn't in the Safe Zone which we hoped for.

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Post by Robman » 02 Jul 2009, 12:52

Actually, many people were in civilian clothes and very little wore their team uniforms. So I'm pretty sure it wasn't a requirement to dress back up for the beer party. I myself just wore basketball shorts and a t-shirt. I still think I looked pretty funny wearing my GI boots with basketball shorts too. :lol:

Also, I bought a couple Coke a Colas from the beer stand so there was at least a non-alcoholic alternative.

But I do agree I did not like walking back up that road. The only plus was that I wasn't weighed down with w ton of gear. :wink:

I did like the fact that it was just players and not a bunch of outsiders.
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Post by pivo-lasko » 06 Aug 2009, 16:47

beerparty was an interesting event 8)

the prices were very acceptable (especially compared to harnosands). met a lot of people (especially russian) and my team stayed longest of the slovenian contingent in the bashir.

musikpolisen were exceptional as always :)

since parties in our country tend to be a bit larger maybe going locally next year isnt a bad idea :oops:

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Post by Ober-Lix » 24 Aug 2009, 22:24

I have to agree with robman, having to walk up that hill on a gravel road was´nt much fun after three days of fighting.
The party was fine though.
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Post by freno » 25 Aug 2009, 07:44

When we got the local policemen drive there, maybe we could take a taxi next year.
It was a good walk into the city on Berget 6 also...
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