Your best Berget 8 moment!

Feedback e debriefings from Berget 8.
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Your best Berget 8 moment!

Post by Berget-events » 19 Jun 2010, 13:45

Tell the story about your best moment during B8?

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Post by Smacker » 19 Jun 2010, 16:46

One of them is when the 3rd mountainers 4th company bravo squad was ordered to find the communication dish in the mountain around crow mountain marker, we searched for around 3 hours and somehow we tripped over naf rangers base. We tried to see if the dish where in the base and was spotted by a guy that was taking a piss. A fun firefight started and i thank the france guys for a fun skirmish. Later that day tha whole 3rd poldavian and 1st did a splendid attack. sadly during that attack i injured my leg so i coudnt follow the attack to the end. but i did see the whole base.

A big thanks to berget event and all of the Poldavian and NaF for a great time in berget.
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Post by Bilich » 20 Jun 2010, 04:35

There was a mixed team from 3rd mountainers , 4 th platoon and we had a special mission. Search and destroy a tank in NAF base. Just arround 2.00 we were walking along the road and NAF is going back to the base with 4 armed cars. I do not know how they did not saw us but we were just a couple of meters in the woods.
After that we were just walking arrount their base and they were all sleaping. :o

Last night at the 3rd base I was just getting ready to have my ´Balkan style meal´ and took a hike before water is warmed up. Just passed our guards and what a hell. There was 4 or 5 NAF cars just geting ready to attack us. Alarm and every one is up. People shooting without uniforms with just underwear and defending mother Poldavia was great thing to watch. I am wodering what would be if I did not take that hike. :D

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Post by ErikBobbo » 20 Jun 2010, 09:25

Maybe not best moment, but I had a great time when the Pol 3rd was standing around Crossroads waiting for orders. A ATV came with Berget-Crew came driving, and the whole force fled to the forest in case of arty. In a matter of seconds EVERYONE was gone, and a confused Berget-Crew stood alone in the middle screaming "I just wanted to film you guys". Great fun.

Another great moment was Saturday when the whole 3rd was out kicking donkey, and we we're only 10-20 people left in the base (mostly injured). We heard rumors of NAF Transport coming our way, so we gathered up what manpower we could get, most of them limping or sick, and prepared for a Great-Alamo-you-wont-take-us-alive-battle and rigged the HQ-tent with explosives. Sadly the transport passed by without even shooting at us, but the tension and anticipation was great.

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Post by spin_t » 20 Jun 2010, 09:51

Day 2,who has started with defending Pol.1 base against NAF and ended up with taking the Ranger base was for me the best day .
Fun,fun,fun from 10 am to 12 pm :))))

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Post by K.A.M.P.H.U.N.D. » 20 Jun 2010, 11:20

When the Poldavian General walked through our base in the middle of the first NAF attack, shouting in his bullhorn "Leave our camp, you are NOT welcome here".
A high level moral booster :)
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Post by pivo-lasko » 20 Jun 2010, 11:39




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Post by JKangas » 20 Jun 2010, 13:13

Delaying action of Pol 1st Inf/1st Coy in the road between Eagle Cliff and Great Crossroads, during late Thu night.

We ran into a huge amount of NAF soldiers and several vehicles with mounted MGs and did a fighting retreat to positions on higher ground close to the crossroads. Whilst taking a flanking guard position close to the road I had a NAF vehicle with dismounted soldiers stop right next to my cover.

I swapped a fresh mag to my gun, listened to the shouts of "flank left flank left", waited until I saw the whites of their eyes and shot 2 or 3 NAF troops in the ditch next to the road. Then I turned towards the vehicle, closed my mouth tight to avoid broken teeth, glued the trigger down and hosed the car with BBs in the best ghetto-style. Unfortunately the driver survived but I managed to take down a few more NAF guys before getting unevitable hit myself. Rest of the (Finnish) 1st Coy got also chewed up pretty bad during Thu night.

Cheers to the NAF guys in the pickup with USA flag and a mounted MG.
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Post by ron the slayer » 20 Jun 2010, 14:00

greatest moments were on wednesday, thursday and friday
a few were really cool
attack on the NAF third rangers base and taking it
Vinney almost got into the shit :D :D

second attack on NAF that day, we were hammered but what a fight it was 8)

and the attack on our base, that was awesome
real cool fight that was, some of us were sleeping but we held the base and then sweeped the area

anyway , too much cool stuff to tell
it was a great game so thanks too all 8)

team FRAG

also left a message for NAF 3rd rangers in one of their foxholes :wink:

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Post by Bilich » 20 Jun 2010, 15:01

One of your guys ( with M16 GBB i think ) was so cool.

´ How many of them are they ?´
- 400
´ Shit man , I have to kill 400 people´ and repeating his gun.

His face at that moment was the funniest thing I ever saw at Airsoft game :D
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Post by Svansst?mper » 20 Jun 2010, 18:01

The attack on Pol 1st inf base on thursday morning.
Many of us were just barely putting gear on, eating, resting, when all hell broke loose...
...I got hit, but with two minutes left before death a czech medic saved me. Cheers to that!

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Post by Klab » 20 Jun 2010, 18:44

- Thursday 0200, lying in the swamp FOB hearing 1000 people shooting and screaming at each other in every direction.. more awesome impression than in every game or movie

- Thursday ~1100 at the scrapyard with 3 mates.. on patrol while securing the road to the safezone I see a poldavian scout.. not a big issue, but then a poldavian platoon crosses the road behind him.. my mates get ready, the scout still lurks around and I see a officer with staff coming down the road to my direction.. my officer wanted to withdraw, but no chance because they came down to us and are 45m away. To add troubles, the scout directed another platoon to the forest in our front when the first platoon re-appeared down the scrapyard valley, seeing us immediately thanks to desert DPM.. so I opened fire with the SAW, first down the valley, lighting the entire forest up and then to the forest in front of me where the other platoon was.. we just lit everything up, lost a comrade but then made a good contact drill so we managed to get away with 3 men :D

- Thurday ~1800, trying to get sleep in the former 5th Inf HQ.. I was just dozing away when I heard gunshots from the checkpoint.. in 2 minutes I was in gear, took a SAW from my mate, swept our "garden" clean with some long bursts.. Then I went to the checkpoint where 2 of my mates were already fighting 100 Poldavians behind the sheet metal house... they (my mates) were desperate because they were under fire from the bushes to the eagle cliff side and from the bushes south of the CP, so I just let the madman in me loose.. I just ran, barked and pumped the bushes full of BBs, got shot, was carried and healed by JudgementDay and fought on until the Polies were gone. BBs hitting the steel sheets is a great sound, just like in a computer game :D
- Friday ~1400.. driving around in a big Berget Truck from the 5th base.. already enemies at our (unguarded) CP :shock: so up to Eagle Cliff.. crap, many enemies on the road :? so back to the crossroad, up to the road (to TP Crossroads).. we took fire already on the way, BBs hitting the truck cover is surprisingly scary :D and then the Poldavians managed to destroy our truck :? bad luck all the time :D like in a bad movie.
- Friday ~1700 While being abscent Poldavian PsyOps managed to leave their signature on one of our Travellunches :P nice job!
- Friday ~2100 at the Crossroads.. got healed by a nice swedish lady medic :) and hunted some russians through the bushes..
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Post by costis » 20 Jun 2010, 18:46

Best moment in berget. Tough one cause it was just awesome all together.

But one moment was indeed above most. Friday morning after the shock of wet wakeup for most. When Pol. 1st Coy attacked Scrap Yard I listened to the incoming artilleryfire when we we're moving into position. Pure awesome and brightened the gloomy day for me. Best moment by far.

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Post by SixCell » 20 Jun 2010, 21:43

Has to be on Saturday.

I come alone into the camp, meet RedMenace dead at the gate.
Then i see 3-4 pol's in the camp.
"steal" RedMenace's G36 & go at them alone (last stand). Then finding out that he had been tinkering with the hop-up & all the bb's went straight down at theyre feet LOL!!!
After that good times with the crazy brit around the fire, while watching pol's walking around camp looking for NAF (there wasn't any)

Later on hearing intel transmission on 5'th radio from RedMenace, with the comment added on the end: "DO NOT REPLY... They are really really close"

Many more good times' but can choose witch to tell :P
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Post by slidnert » 20 Jun 2010, 22:10

For me it was the assult on NAF Ranger Base. It was really fun and exciting. The base were heay fortify and hard too breach and 2 machineguns firing at me and my team, for some reason they stop firing at us and we were able top move to the bunkers wall. Then the artillery hit us.
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