THOSE amazing Berget moments!

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 9
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Re: THOSE amazing Berget moments!

Post by Buffel » 05 Jul 2011, 22:06

ron the slayer wrote: everything the same except the suicide mission in the last hour
i was exhausted
I resent the word suicide. Even though we all happened to die, I prefer the wording 'high risk mission' ;)
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ron the slayer
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Re: THOSE amazing Berget moments!

Post by ron the slayer » 05 Jul 2011, 22:13

Buffel wrote:
ron the slayer wrote: everything the same except the suicide mission in the last hour
i was exhausted
I resent the word suicide. Even though we all happened to die, I prefer the wording 'high risk mission' ;)
call it what ever you want
i still feel bad for not coming with you :(
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Post by Armalite5.56 » 05 Jul 2011, 23:29

Regarding goggles and so on, me and my squad often sat around our tents with them just above our eyes so we could quickly pull them down if needed when we were eating etc.

One night we were attacked and my squad leader was outside my tent with his knee just by my head taking cover and I woke up thinking WTF is going on.. I (stupidly) decided to start putting all my gear on.. by the time I got out, the fire fight had ended.. next time I'm running out in boxers and a t-shirt!

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Post by Rectunator » 06 Jul 2011, 01:23

Lets see... there were four for me. On thursday, two on friday and saturday.

The entire company of Zansians was ordered to the field. Intel informed us that our friends at NAF were taking it up the ass all over the place under that Poldavian attack and by the sounds of the artillery, they were right (I loved this element of the game, the distant rumble of artillery). We moved out between 12-13 and headed towards the Eastern Roadblock and the Dengadenga Plateau, our intention being to take and hold the area for the day, denying the routes to the Poldavians (in which we were quite succesful). We changed from our civvie-clothes into OD's in the woods near the plateau and prepared to assist the units already near the high ground. We scaled the steep hill without resistance and on top assisted the squads already there in mop up. After milling around the top for a few hour, watching and listening to the sounds of battle coming from below (Poldavians tried to rush through our thin green line mounted since we had no AT), we were ordered to move down and to the command post near the crossroads since we were under fire from the forest between the hill and the roadblock.

We moved down from the hill and ran behind our line as arty rumbled above us and bb's zipped into the woods as we dashed to our commanders. We were ordered to cross the road and flank the enemy in the woods, then to continue towards the roadblock and take out the bunker there. The clearing of the woods was cool, crossing the stream while rounds hit the water and wood around us and getting my first heal-notch as a medic. I got hit while we were taking the bunker twice so I had to respawn and by the time I got back we had already taken the place. The following hours were quiet and we simply held a perimeter around the bunker. We had some minor skirmishes with the Poldavians but nothing like the two mounted assaults against us earlier. Then we received word that 8 to 10 Poldavian trucks and technicals full of men were on their way towards us from the north. We were already streched thin with barely 40 to 50 men between the hill and the roadblock (others had different missions and were away) so a team of around 15 men was put together from men taken from our Juliet and Kilo squads plus from the Bravo squad that was with us at the bunker.

The enemy convoy struck us when our flanking force was still on the move towards their rear and a furious fight ensued. We charged through the woods, engaging enemies that had managed to dismount and move to the western side of the road. I ran from wounded to wounded, patching men up but eventually I found myself alone next to the road behind a large fallen tree, next to the rearmost vehicle in the convoy (from Waldos artillery unit, nice 155 boys). I dropped 4 to 5 men around the truck, taking cover behind the tree and crawling around. I finally decided that "f*ck it, I've had enough of this crawly hidey bullshit" and sprinted next to the truck, taking cover next to its tires so that the enemy wouldnt be able to shoot me from the other side under the car. I had a nice view along the rear part of the convoy and I let fly, emptying a couple of magazines to the sides and back of the Poldavians covering behind their vehicles. Some of them broke and tried to run to the eastern woods, but I got some of them to their backs. Easiest killing I've done during all the six years I've played this game. Finally someone hit my leg and I dropped down, wounded and bled to death. The Norwegians (I think) who I had dropped earlier were a nice bunch and I chit chatted with them for a while before putting on my best shit eating grin and walking through the entire convoy to our respawn.

It was raining and our team leaders were summoned to be briefed. HQ wanted volunteers for missions and all the others except our Juliet and Kilo squads (made up of men from our own airsoft team Koalitio) wanted to go to Janco. We on the other hand were tasked with infiltrating/assaulting/etc. the Poldavian main base and poisoning their drinking water to deny them their base respawn for three hours, thus helping again our beleguarded NAF friends. We were dumbstruck by this. We, 15 men, against the entire Poldavian base which might contain up to 700 enemies. And since it was raining it was possible that most of them would be there (since as we know, all foreigners fear wet forests). Well we started brainstorming and came up with a ingenious (then, ridiculous now) plan. We had two guys in Härnosand buying supplies so we told them to bring a couple of pizzas with them. We would load up our men into our van, put a couple of guys to the frot and inform the Poldavians (if we were stopped) that we were taking pizza to their base. And yes, this plan made sense after few hours of sleep and fatigue from the previous day. So we got the pizzas, got into the van, ditched our Firm patches and set off. First we approached from the north and got to the bridge checkpoint. We were stopped and our delivery boys dismounted, showing the guys the pizzas. They were envious of their bretheren in the base and let us go. Then we met a Poldavian technical head on and apparently they thought the checkpoint was wrong. They blew us up. With an AT-4... oh well, off to the main safe for respawn. We planned our insertion again and set off for the second attempt.

This time we came from the south and got as far as the southern gate without incident. There the guards were more suspicious. They sniffed the pizza but were curious about the back of the van and our driver couldnt persuade them otherwise. The man asking questions grabbed the handle of the side door and we knew that was that, now it was do or die. You should've seen his face when he opened the door a bit and saw the armed men inside. We pushed our barrels out over his shoulders and started firing at the others behind him while our point man knife killed him... except that he didnt take the hit. He kept holding the door so that we couldnt get out fast and when we did, he pulled out his pistol. Of our 15 men, only 2 survived the short battle. But the one holding the poison got it withing visual range of the enemy drinking water and that was enough. The remaining two fled to the woods on the other side of the road, waiting for backup. Our window of opportunity was getting smaller and smaller, since the mission had to be completed before 17.00. So again back to the main safe zone for planning and toasts. The toasts were delicious and we decided to --- SPAM !!! --- it and just assault the base from the woods. We knew where the poison can would be (if it had not been found). So we set off with a mere hour left.

We disembarked 200 meters before the gate and vanished into the woods, again approaching from the south. We rediscovered our squadmates and moved in for the kill. We eliminated the sentries on the road near the guardpost and charged across the road, fanning out into the bushes. I lost contact with all but two of my mates in this confusing dash in the thick bushes, but apparently they were all killed while causing confusion. I on the other hand made it within 10 meters from the toilets with the guy who got the poison there in the first place. It was the two uf us, we had no idea what had become of the rest of the squad, but we knew that we had less than 15mins to get the job done. Suddenly three others appeared behind us and we came up with a plan (again). The guy with the can would take the poison to the water as the other four charge forward and cause hell near the toilets. And so we did. Poison-guy stepped calmly forward, saying something along the lines of "Ulle, det var en jättebra pissa" with the corniest Swedish accent he could muster to buy time for himself while we charged forward, yelling like devils. I go to the toilets and started blasting indiscriminantly left and right while my comrades did the same. Three minutes before the deadline Latez (poisonguy) yelled that he had poisoned the water and so I yelled "irti" (pull back/disengage in Finnish) to signal a retreat. Well... it didnt go well. We were shot and left wounded while the Poldavians secured the area. They then healed us and dragged us to their base. The looks on their faces were priceless. We were taken to the edge of their camp and they searched our pockets while we told them that we were vengeful gypsiesn from the camp, taking revenge on them because of their raid on the camp. They kept telling us that an officer would interrogate us so Latez and I were thinking about trying to escape. Either we would die and take our info to the grave or survive and... well make it home. Poldavians had other plans. We were told to wait "in a neat line, 1m apart". I looked behind us and saw the dirt wall, then back at the line of 20-something Poldavians who were switching safeties off. "Well... there'll be no need for the attempt to escape". They hosed 4 of us down with pistol and rifle fire. I remained standing, they hadnt hit me. I found this amusing and as a final gesture of defience spread my arms and screamed at them "You fuckers didnt even hit me! COME ON AND HIT ME!". Well... they did. It was quite epic and one of those movie moments you so rarely encounter in this game. Afterwards we chatted for a while, congratulated each other for being so awesome and started thinking about getting back to main safe zone. The GM nearby (who had seen it all and verified the success of our mission) drove us back. Meanwhile at our base our squad was grief stricken; we had failed our mission (or so they though) and we had failed our allies. And then we, the 5 executed operatives arrived. Once inside our perimeter, I immediately yelled as loud as I could "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, HURRAH!". Now they were dumbstruck as was our HQ. We informed them that the mission was succesfully executed three minutes before the deadline. It was awesome.

The other epic moment was the Janco raid. The sight of 150 anonymous, almost identical Zansian soldiers charging into battle en masse while others watch in awe and then complete the mission and pull back mere minutes later was just... awesome. Simply put: it was awe inspiring.

The final epic moment was nothing as grand as the other three but heart warming none the less. We had again taken control of the are near the Eastern Roadblock and the Derpaderp Plateau, in full Zansian gear. We had engaged the Poldavian convoy and were fighting at the top of the plateau when we found the black box and were ordered to retreat along the road ASAP. The frantic, chaotic retreat was great, the feel of urgency when suddenly russians start pouring from the direction of the roadblock and threaten our flank or when they surprised us on the road and our leaders issued the order that all wounded men are to use their cyanide capsules to avoid slowing us down (first time in the entire game). And finally the victorious march "across the border" back to the "homeland" and safe zone. It was great and made me truly proud of my accomplishments in the game and of the accomplishments of the rest of the Zansians.
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Post by JKangas » 06 Jul 2011, 12:30

^ what was said above. The pizza mission seemed like a bad 70's war movie, with a crummy van packed full of guns and three very nervous guys in the front seat. I would still like to know why our van was blown up at the Poldavian northern checkpoint at the bridge? Did we miss something, or was it just someone with a too fast trigger finger?


We had been fighting a long Thursday day near the Deagas plateau and the crossroads bunker, when sun started going down and it got darkish. We were positioned in a classic convoy ambush set-up with several guys along the road in kill positions, and 4 more watching our flanks. We joked in the flank defense team that "the enemy never comes from the direction you assume...". Shortly after that we heard the enemy dismounting in the road curve and first silhouettes came visible directly at the opening that we had selected as the kill zone :D

After some confused fighting I was one of the remaining soldiers, lying down in an evil-smelling ditch taking potshots at advancing Poldavians. I hit a guy and see him get out his orange rag. At this point it is so dark that I barely see through my rose copper lenses, but they make red and orange seem almost like bright neon lights in the woods.

After a while I see the orange spot in the woods gets half in size....then again it is halved... it is halved once again as the guy is folding it away, and then it disappears completely. I take aim and shoot a full mag at the position, spraying both sides of the spot with meticulous care, hearing two "HIIIT! F----CK!" shouts from the medic and the patient both :)

Now kids - this is why you evac a guy before you stitch him up.
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Post by Panzer [Shepherds] » 06 Jul 2011, 12:47

Splinter-B wrote:Taking prisoner the same Mountaineer squad in the morning and in the afternoon. It's so nice to see familiar faces :D
Well, to put it even better: having taken them prisoner in the morning and bootkicking their ass out of a bunker like maniacs with him"looking at me and screaming: "WHAT?! YOU AGAIN?!"

Priceless... :)
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Post by Jason » 06 Jul 2011, 14:17

Me and my squad members were lucky enough to have many moments forth remembering for, but here's the most memorable ones:

1. I think it was on thursday, when we as a Firm (in ODs, not ZBO) attacked the Deagas Plateu near the Mines. Half of our squad was ordered to quard the road to south from the Eastern Roadblock. After a hour of waiting we decided to move on reconing the Graveyard and further to south. After 10 km of marching (most of us without water at that point) we found a path leading north towards Janco. Near the Construction site we noticed a guard on path and headed to hill for cover. Soon we spotted something like five guys on top of the hill talking and having a break. Just to make sure who they were we started crawling closer for identifying them but unfortunately we were spotted. We quickly ran over the clearance to the forest west from the Construction site and contacted our commander about the expected status of the point. The Firm had no knowledge of the status of the TP so we decided to try again and head 200 m north before flanking to Construction site. This turned out to be a swamp which we had to pass quickly in order to stay dry. While starting the attack we noticed the NAF-forces that had moved closer and were also about to start an attack to Construction site. I warned them about the swamp and started giving directions of the enemies. After that I heard someone calling for help and turned my head to see one NAF-soldier waist-deep in the swamp. I headed helping him despite the enemy fire and while I was pulling him off from the swamp I heard our engineer shouting "Syöksyen eteenpäin!" (like Charge! in english) and starting to dive from stone to stone towards the enemy. The NAF troops looked a while like "what the hell?" but got quickly in to the game. The charge up to the hill to the road and towards the construction site was really awesome despite the fact that it ended in a friendly fire after getting to the road. Good fight and afterwards I discussed with few really nice NAF guys (one from New Zealand) about the attack. I also tried to get some intel on the satellite, but their mouths were shut (unfortunately!) :)

2. Second one was the last hour of the game. Our group was defending the bunker west from the eastern roadblock as ZBO. After a while of waiting we got attacked by approximately a squad or two of Poldavians and they killed almost everyone in our group. I got surrounded by few guys and hid in the bushes waiting for them to pass. Soon one guy headed towards me from the bushes but I waited too long when trying to get a view of his armband and got shot in the head. While I was bleeding I was crasping for my poison pill to prevent me from being interrocated but just before falling into despair I noticed to ZBO's heading my way. I shouted medic and luckily other one of those was a medic. He silently crawled to me and started healing me through the bushes. All the time there was one Poldavian trooper less than 5 m away from us. I watched the clock and prepared my self for the retreat after 2 mins. When the clock hit 120 secs I jumped to the bushes behing the medic and ran 20 meters to the side while the firing started behind me. I took a flank and tried to move as silently as possible towards the bunker to get it back from the Poldavians. I got in to a position where from one Poldavian had killed two of my squad members and waited there (heart bouncing like hell) to spot that enemy. I didn't spot anything there anymore but soon spotted one POL in bushes near the place I got wounded. One aimed burst and he was out. I had to quickly move into another firing place so that I wouldn't be surrounded again. I headed little to the side and then again towards the bunker. All the time moving I heard few enemies moving in the forest and tried to spot them. I think they were all around me! Luckily I spotted few of them before they spotted me and killed them with short bursts from my LR300. After noticing that everyone from my squad was killed I almost fell into despair. In the darkest moment I saw two more ZBO's heading towards me and greeted them. They gave me more strength and courage to challenge the few possible POL's alive in the nearby bushes. I got right beside the bunker and raised my head to spot enemies near the bunker. I didn't spot any but just as I was turning my head back I noticed a red armband in the bushes. I waited a while to see if it moves or wether it's just one of those red tags in the trees. Soon it moved, I fired and hit was claimed. After that I charged to the bunker, claimed it to NAF and sat there being sure that I will get killed by raging Poldavians. Anyhow all the Poldavians I saw in the final half hour were wearing death rags and possibly heading to POL base. Soon I noticed that clock is 1500 and the war is over. I joined Tiger_1 and his comrad to the walk towards the peace and the united beer party. Those (assumably russians) POL guys really gave me a fight to remember! I have to say that they took the hits well and were great soldiers even thou they shot my friend to the ear close range after thinking that he shot with a death rag on his head while it was a another ZBO beside him shooting. I don't know if that got solved or not, but my final expression for the fight was anyhow a really positive one.

3. Of course you have to mention the Raid to the Janco. That was one helluva mission and I'm hoping on seeing the edited video on that. After the beer party me and two of my friends talked to the Berget Crew members and one of them showed a short video filmed on top of the Firm Office in Janco. That looked cool as one of our squad members ran to the roof and knocked everyone down shouting "No Photos!" to the girl filming the event :)
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Post by Touko » 06 Jul 2011, 15:11

I've already mentioned some of our exploits in another threads; namely encountering Freno on recon and encountering gypsies on a field. Also there was this good larp style mission on which we fooled Tor into drinking truth serum and shifted the blame to the gypsies. I'll not go into those now. Instead, this post is about a thursday filled with excellent fighting and fair play.

On thursday we did a long mission. We were transported into the southeastern corner where we encountered Freno. From there on we continued to the Old Graveyard, which we held until 1700. Then we left for Degas plateau and the bunker near it.

When we reached the crossroads between those two places, we found out that our fellow Zansians-dressed-as-NAF were already fighting there. We then flanked around the pond/lake and managed to completely surround the poldavian troops (I believe Norvegian) defending the bunker. From my excellent position I could spray to the defenders backs, and Im certain I took out at least 10 defenders before I took an unnecessary risk, got hit and bled out. Not once did I get a feeling that someone should have taken a hit and didn't!

After respawning we did some defending up at the plateau. There was one incident where me and a squadmate were scouting, and a lone wolf with SVD got the jump on us. He opened semiautomatic fire from 20m and to my knowledge he did not hit me, but he started shouting "take your hits". I stood up, put up my dead rag and explained that "Im certain that you didn't hit me" and "that it is strange, because that was so easy an place to get me". I walked away dead even though Im completely sure that he didn't really get me. Wasn't worth fighting over and spoiling both our days. Luckily I didn't have to wait long to respawn.

Later we defended against a strong enemy (norvegian mech) that attacked from north with severel vehicles. I was in the left flank, near the beaver dam, in an outstanding position in a foxhole. My dump was filled with empty mags and an open area 60-70m in front of me was filled with deadrags. Then, suddenly, Im was sure, there we're a couple of guys that weren't taking hits. I thought "Shoot until orange" and thats what I - slightly annoyed now - did. A bit later I realized the magazine I was using was not feeding and that I was dry-firing! Changed magazine, took out the guys whom I had suspected of cheating and kept on fighting... Im certain that I took out 4 from across the road and 7+ from my position at the beaver dam, and no cheating there at all. Some of the kills were from extreme ranges and still somehow I managed to get hits. There were plenty of chances to go godmode and yet none of them did even though the attack was going really badly for them!

In a nutshell: The day was full of good fighting, and I'd like to express thanks to all who fought us that day! We had heavy fighting for hours it was really fair playing all around.

"Shoot until orange" and take yout hits. That's usually all there is to it. Oh, and doublecheck that you really did have working mags and gun when you think someone isn't taking their hits ;)
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Post by Brambles » 07 Jul 2011, 00:09

One of my more eventful moments at berget would have to be my first firefight. Our ranger platoon was ordered to capture the tactical point at the construction site. Just as we got to the stoney ridge overlooking the point, what seemed to be the entire Poldavian mechanized battalion rolls up the road. I dropped to the ground and warned the members of my platoon that were behind me of what was in front of me. I was so exposed on top of the ridge that i all i could do was stay still to avoid being spotted. A short while passes when their lead turret gunner spots me and opens fire and kicks off a vicious firefight. Our platoon against their battalion, it didn't go very well :P
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Post by Redmenace_tv » 07 Jul 2011, 00:39

Taking a whole bunch of the poldavian first mech captive after they tried to get their captured fuel back to base, for some reason they drove right past our main gate and up a dead end road. Two cars where taken out as they passed and we captured their fuel, everyone on both sides played well and i lifted the fuel from the back of their command vehicle with a grin. then an ambush was set with at4's for when they realised they couldnt get out of the other end of the road. Next thing the ambush is sprung genocide comes back with the news he had taken out all 5 of the vehicles, tank killer medal pending. We prosessed maybe 40-50 guys from the trucks, took their berget dollars to buy reloads and sent them on thier way as they had all declared off game in the interests of getting their dead vehicles back to base (understandable), couldn't really understand their logic unless they were lost? it meant the first mech were denied thier vehicles for the rest of the game.
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Post by Lokke » 07 Jul 2011, 01:30

If it goes boom boom take them out!

.. boom boom take them out!

Tror det sier det meste :)
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Post by MrMedic » 07 Jul 2011, 02:20

Regarding goggles and so on, me and my squad often sat around our tents with them just above our eyes so we could quickly pull them down if needed when we were eating etc.
How do you think an enemy infiltration patrol/sniper team feels about ambushing your campsite when they see you sitting around without goggles?
Should they
a) ignore the risk to your eyesight and blast away anyway?
b) walk back to their base and hope to meet ingame opponents the next time?
c) send someone with a deadrag into your camp and ask you pretty please to put your goggles back on so that they can spring their surprise ambush on you?

Seriously, this type of behaviour is pure Darwin awards material.
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Post by Panzergraf » 07 Jul 2011, 03:17

Touko wrote:Later we defended against a strong enemy (norvegian mech) that attacked from north with severel vehicles.
Hi, I was part of that attack, being the gunner on the first vehicle.

We did have some rules misunderstandings on our part, with a few non-Norwegian speaking players walking back to the dead vehicle to be healed, but we quickly cleared that up with them that they would have to stay where they were hit to be healed, or go off-game and sit in the vehicle until we left for home.

Also, there was some suspicion on our part that some of you guys weren't taking hits, but my driver (who died early on in the attack) got out his trustee vest and confirmed that you were just in really good positions :)

Taking a whole bunch of the poldavian first mech captive after they tried to get their captured fuel back to base
Yeah, that was us too.
Yes, that was a wrong turn on our part the first time, as we were not aware of the new dead-end road and it was not on our maps.
After going back, through your base and down the right road, we were able to retrieve the fuel, but we were ambushed on the way out.
One of our G-wagons had a non-working receiver, so we decided to put the fuel in my vehicle, which had a working BAVS.
Our Mercedes and the pickup following it was ambushed and killed, and the other Mercedes, with the broken BAVS went back up the dead end road. I don't know why.

In hindsight it would have been wiser to send the German company, who were in the two troop transports, on foot back to the base with the fuel, but we gambled on you guys not having enough BAVS, or that the dense fog would protect us if you had. Obviously that didn't pay off, and we were left without in-game fuel from 5PM and throughout the day.

So we had to raid the NAF base on foot that night, which incidentally turned out to be one of my favorite moments of Berget 9 :)
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Post by A_Muller » 07 Jul 2011, 07:00

Panzergraf wrote: Hi, I was part of that attack, being the gunner on the first vehicle.
How did you feel about that one single guy who flanked your entire right flank and took you you as well as at least half of the guys by the trucks just about to advance? *Evil Grin*
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Post by NightSarge » 07 Jul 2011, 20:00

A Situation at the UN base. I was a civilian policeman.
When i went from the UN HQ tent out to their maingate i witnessed 5 Poldavian guys capturing 5 firm guys. As a piloceman i can´t let this happen. So i walk up to the Poldavian in charge, knifekill and rob him in front of the other 4 guards who don´t realise whats happening. Afterwards i turn around and take them out with knifekill and knockout. So i count for 5 Poldavian in 30 seconds without a single shot. :D
Up to now everything is fine, but suddenly someone starts shooting which draws attention of some other Poldavian guys at the gate. They were pretty pi**ed when they saw their downed 5 buddies. They drew me to the ground, interrogated me and tried to shoot me with their whole section right before th UN gate. A GM came up to me and asked if i really want to do this and we played it to the end.
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