The BAVS Bunkers (Suply points)

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 9
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Post by A_Muller » 10 Jul 2011, 19:57

And also, for us it wasn't a question on IF we'd get attacked, just when...
It happened at least 3-4 times a day so in the end it just got annoying to be interrupted while trying to eat my semi-cold MRE and get an hr of sleep before heading out on another 18hr mission :P
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Supply points and Tactical points

Post by Gravitas » 11 Jul 2011, 09:11

Posted in the wrong thread (didn't notice this here) so posting here as well:

Are you sure the system (info on points, what factions get to do with points) worked?

The 3rd rangers spent an epic amount of time conquering, scouting, defending and re-conquering the SPs and TPs all over the map. Sticking true to the mission that was tasked to us at gamestart. On Friday, for example there were many hours ingame that NAF held all the 4 points in the game simultaneously, and was constantly getting them back if lost. I was out there in the field as an officer and took notes from the points counters; NAF had more accumulated points than POL in every point of interest I checked on Friday. The 3rd also sent out one platoon to secure points at nights, on Friday for example at around 0300-0445 or so. A lot of effort spent. Also constantly worrying about the status of the points, checking them out, reinforcing their defense etc.

And then in the end it was a bit of a disappointment that these points apparently weren't so important after all; nobody (from command or Berget-events) seemed to know the up-to-date situation about point balance, how many accumulated supply and tactical points there were etc. It felt like a lot of the effort had gone to waste, despite of being active fun in the fronts of attack/defense.

As feedback to you; you could improve the points: have the electronics in the bunkers wired up with GSM-modems and sending data periodically through the GMS network into your server. This isn't very expensive; just needs a piece of electronics with an USB port, power-charger for the cheap simple phone and a simple connector cable + some programming. Some years ago I was the CEO of an international data center company building customized hosting solutions in 13 cities around the world and our engineers constantly built similar systems very cheaply for backup monitoring, alerts and maintenance purposes. Done this way nobody needs to check the readers inside the bunkers manually and an overall picture is maintained at Berget-events HQ at all times. You can configure the modems to send data when the point switches sides, or is destroyed etc, or periodically every 15 minutes, etc. You could develop this even all the way up to having a cardboard/or/plastic map with a few LEDs on it as these points and the LEDs changing colors depending on who holds them currently. This could even be info that you could provide for the players; have a status-changing-map like this in the faction's HQs. Or even more simple: make a website that has the status of the points up to date at all times, so that you and/or the players could check it with any device having a browser in it. The same page can also display counters of accumulated points.

At gamestart the NAF faction at least got a paper-printed mission from Berget-events to simultaneously conquer and hold all the points in the game. The mission was marked as a high priority one and had time to execute it until Saturday 2pm.

Towards the end of the game however I got a message from NAF command saying that since Berget-events is no longer able to tell how many points we have, they just say simply yes/no to our requests to use anything that would require the points. Fair enough... however;

At that time all the conquer and defense effort seemed a bit wasteful. You could improve this a lot more and have the points as one of the strategic places that the game centers around. After all; why build all those fancy bunkers if defending them isn't all that important?

Summarized suggestions:

- improve the system
- consider making it transparent to the players as well as situation info
- make the points more important: more stuff that the factions can do with them, more strict guidelines/rules on spending the points
- consider some buffs: if a faction holds a point for a long X amount of time; it gets buffed, or all troops there get buffed for a while etc. Something to make it more valuable to conquer, hold, defend and eventually (after hours) get the buff going.
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Post by Crapgame » 11 Jul 2011, 10:23

I think it is a great ad-on to have bunkers with Bavs system on them.

here is a few pointers:

- Increase Bunkers to 3 Bavs AT4 hit-points.
- place Bavs on other things lite UN-tower, Base entrance, major-roadblocks.

and perhaps each HQ tent should have one bavs system on them and destoying one of them means radio comms are out for 40min-1hour??
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