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Feedback and debriefings from Berget 10
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Post by J82 » 12 Jul 2012, 23:57

Some squad in B9 went to get a firewood from a gasoline station and whit that firewood (one plastic wire sack) we managed to heat 2 tents for throu the 2 moist nights. We used some small brancess that we gathered earlier and stored on a dry place combined whit the logs to do this. Heating is crusial if there is rain to

a) dry your gear
b) get a good night sleep when its warm
c) keeping up the morale
d) supplied tents tend to leak, if not heated properly (hrrr Berget 8)

And if most of us are paying over 100€ allready for

a) tent place
b) sanitary locations
c) drinking water
d) "the story"

I think its well unreasonable to start selling the firewood. Maybe get a organiser to circle throu the base area on wed night - share tickets/papers to each tent that grants your access to a certain ammount of wood aka - one plastic wire bag.

I didnt bring the "cost" part of the thing up - somebody else did ;)

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Post by Gimli43 » 13 Jul 2012, 03:20

I have never had any problems with any of the tents i have slept in on the Berget or out of the event.
This year, I slept in a tent that was patched a lot. ever action i did was to tighten the canvas so water could drain off instead of collecting in a puddle on the canvas.
That have workt everytime and no tarps has been needed
I give the tent20 4/5:

+ The tent works if you mount it the right way.
+ it is suitable for an entire team (airsoft) 6-8
+ its Swedish... :)

- Dark tent 1 window
- low ceiling
- Extremely flammable (stove in a tent! no thanks not when the tent are standing close to each other)

One problem with all these complaints about leaky tents is how many marks his tent with a note so BE know that this particular tent is leaking? probably not many. I would guess it would be a full time job to find these tents among the (my guess) 150 tents as they have in stock.
Maybe some kind of markings to put on tents to mark if they are bad in the future?

German tent: sleept in one at B9 just love it 4,5/5: :D

+ New
+ High ceilings
+ Plenty of space
+ windows
+ Easy to set up

- Maybe too big in some situations
- cost of each tent

what about firesaftey on these tents? is the canvas flameproof?
would be nice to now.

I think that if BE is now thinking to replace tent20 do it.!
But i see nothing wrong if they decide to keep tent20 in future.

Fireplace is a good option to avoid burning down a tent if an accident should occur.
There you can also have the opportunity to dry the outer garments.
An alternative to dry clothes is to put them in your sleeping bag (particularly underwear)
it works really well
I think a kerosene-heater (as Freno said) is a better choice than a stove because of the firesaftey.
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Post by NIN » 13 Jul 2012, 12:41

Thanks for you input. I hope you understand how important it is.
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