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Post by Coffe » 29 Jul 2012, 02:58

vinni wrote:That's where the playes come in to report such behavior to HQ and/or BE (be it trustees or GMs)

If you can't go 4 days without a drop of alcohol, then stay home.
Think that's already happening. Still doesn't mean that it's possible to keep all of Berget straight sober for the entire game.

Like I said: it's not that anyone can stop or monitor how much people drink in härnösand city if players decides to take a break from the game and go there.

Unless breathalyzer tests are performed that is. (would be smart to place checkpoints for just that on the few roads leading to and from the basecamps of the different factions)

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Post by slidnert » 29 Jul 2012, 23:40

I can say that I saw several players drinking alcohol in-game, both in base and in the field. In my opinion it´s a BIG lack of respect to us, fellow airsofters.
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Post by Me4ka » 01 Aug 2012, 09:30

I think alcohol is not only disrespectful - noo, this is a real threat to us,
airsoft players..

One of the possible solution is:
There must be a permanent GM in the bases.
/in HQ,kiosk,special tent,other.../

But above all, players should understand that
any violation shall be punished according
degree of risk/danger for players.

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