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Jakob MS

Russian uniform

Post by Jakob MS » 24 Oct 2006, 17:15

Do any know about some shop/netsshop, where we can buy russian uniforms, so we can look like really russian soldiers at the game??
Please I need links to the shops, so I can check the prices and models and so on.


Post by STUNTMAN » 24 Oct 2006, 17:30


Post by WildCard » 24 Oct 2006, 18:31

i wouldn't reccomend Russiancombatgear, they haven't been taking orders for almost a year now.


Post by Finarvas » 24 Oct 2006, 21:47

Wildcard is right, wait until they are established again. In the meantime I highly recommended Red Soldier. Rusmilitary are good too I guess but they're very expensive.

If you need more help feel free to pop in the red-alliance forums or #red-alliance on quakenet.

Jakob MS

Post by Jakob MS » 25 Oct 2006, 12:58

Thanks for the help.


Post by Crapgame » 01 Dec 2006, 21:02

it says in the news page that the soviet side does not hve to have russian gear, but are u going to allow people on soviet side to run around in woodland camo or even m90 camo??? so on???? that feels kinda strange :shock:

how are u then gonna be able to seperate them from the allies on a distance?


Post by 6uarq;an » 01 Dec 2006, 21:42

Search for the red armstrap;P
I know how you feel, this may cause even more problems.. I think you at least shoud get a russian jacket if you got to go to the russians...


Post by Kyle » 02 Dec 2006, 11:11

I can recommend - ordered twice from them now, and going to again for my berget stuff.

For some people, travelling to the event itself is a big expense, so dropping a little bit of cash more on proper uniform/gear shouldn't be that much of a stretch.

Although there will be armbands in use, it's still nice to have the proper uniform/gear.

For me, it's an excuse to get yet another russian gear setup! :D

Pépé Muerte

Post by Pépé Muerte » 08 Dec 2006, 19:34

Hi comrades. :D

Me and my teamates travelling a long distance to come.
Personnally i expect the most of peoples playing on russian side wear proper uniform/gear.
This event is a Milsim ... not a little sunday game.

I recommanded Redsoldier to.
But it's easy to found cheap Russian gear on Ebay.
Example, a KZS can be found at 20€ (shipping charge include).
You can found a good camo uniform at 35€-50€.

I don't think peoples can't do this little money effort.

Mike von Bulow

Russian Uniforms

Post by Mike von Bulow » 12 Jan 2007, 13:44


I personaly thing that while the Good Boys (Russians) invade sweeden they should have the uniforms other vise we gonna have a Hardcore Dressed Up Allies with all equipment against Ah hoc combinet uniforms guys who would look like a hungry mob of scavengers of all equipment. I personaly go in modern russian Gear its not that expensive... Flora outfit 30Euro flora RD 54 cariing system also thirty euro with many extra thing up to 100 euro maks but its worth of investment check here...

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Post by Cpt » 13 Jan 2007, 22:10

What helmet did the russian forces use in the early 90's? And were can I buy one? :)

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Post by canbiel » 13 Jan 2007, 22:56

What about the Guys who wan't to play as "Mercenaries" for the Russian side? I'm asking, because most of my team uses Flecktarn and don't want to use anything else. So i thought, maybe we can use parts of the stuff as Mercenaries...


Post by Finarvas » 14 Jan 2007, 00:05

Guess it's ok for the organizers but I don't like it all :( Feels like the russian side is just OPFOR for the Allies and no real effort is put into it...

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Post by canbiel » 14 Jan 2007, 00:17

I get your point. But how since things look like now, I will be the only one of my Team to come, and I don't have any problems to use something else. Gonna probaly get me some used stuff.


Post by mr.mandrake » 14 Jan 2007, 08:45

That sounds a lot better canbiel. :)

Frankly I think there would be very few or no mercenaries at all on the soviet/russian side in a scenario like this, if it were to take place for real.

I also think the overall experience of the game, as for the Mil-sim aspect on both sides, is greatly enchanced by using soviet/russian uniforms and gear, and it´s weapons, as much as possible. The same goes for the opposing allies.

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