Recon AAR

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 11
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Recon AAR

Post by aidynskas » 03 Jul 2013, 21:40

I just wanted to say big thanks to our commanders Hurnanen and Arrading for the work they've done. Hoooray hoooray hoooray!!! I must say that this was one of the best big games I've ever been to (5 bergets, 2 border wars, many other 300+ people games) and the help we've got from HQ/commanders was simply the best.

It was also very nice to meet fellow snipers and have a chat!

It would be very interesting to hear from other snipers how their missions went and what they did since we didn't have much time to talk after the game.

Here is ours Quarantine 1 and 2, "short version" :) :

Wednesday 22:15 moving out to grid ~Y20, that's around 6km. We thought it's going to be piece of cake walk, everyone is happy :) Full gear, sleeping bags, tents, 32 liters of water. It starts to rain shortly and in 2 hours we're soaking wet still very far from our destination. We meet couple friendlies on the way, no enemies in sight. Terrain is harsh with hills going up and down, swamps in between the hills, no roads/paths.
Thursday 6:00 we've finally arrived at our destination. Radio coverage was very bad on that side of the hill so no other units or HQ answers. Using the cell phone to SMS that we're in position and starting to setup our positions.
6:30 Everything is setup, we're doing our best to dry our gear and most importantly our booths.

Thursday 13:00 wakeup,preparation. We're continuing our mission to observe the area and see if we can spot any movement or enemy base. Non-player civilian is fishing by take lake several km away. Later we receive our next mission to check Quarry and Old Mine for possible enemy base or other enemy activity.
15:00 we move from our observation area towards the Old Mine and Quarry trying to circle around the lake avoiding roads or areas without good cover.
21:45 we're finally close to the Quarry and Old Mine but totally out of water (32liters gone).
23:00 Old Mine, seems clear of enemies, squad from SFODU is resting there. We move to Quarry.
23:10 White jeep with civilian flag comes in and hangs around just a couple meters from our positions. They leave shortly.
23:20 We take direct route to suspected enemy base at I20 hoping that the marked stream will be passable somewhere. Turns outs we were wrong and the stream is way too wide to cross without ropes and someone getting wet. We waste precious time and have to walk several km around to reach enemy base.
02:00 We finally reach toilets by the enemy base. We fill with water and chat with some Ravens and Civilians.
02:30 Trying to sneak to the enemy base and locate their HQ before the time runs out. Ravens are still coming back from missions and chilling by their tents.
3:00 We failed to locate enemy HQ in time and now it's off-game time so we pack up and walk back to our positions. By now we've covered a little less than 20km.

Due to be totally wet our feet start swell up and we can barely walk. We wake up Friday 14:00 and nobody can walk properly so we decide to call it off-game until saturday morning and see If we can heal our feet.

Saturday 9:00 3 out of 4 of us return back to the main GCT base only to see Ravens in middle of it. I got shot by friendlies :)
11:00 We move out to defend sector near the Old Mill and prevent Ravens moving through there and calling artillery fire.
~11:45 Couple squads of Ravens try to flank Old Mill and prevent Mech Inf. from leaving it. They walk 7m. without noticing us but somebody opens fire on them and then we all open as well. We take out some Ravens but dying ourselves too. Mech Inf. escapes the Old Mill with Ravens chasing them on their tales.

Some pics:

B8: Poldavian 5th Infantry
B9: Poldavian 3rd
B10: NAF 9th
B11: GCT
B12: GCT
B13: Cerberus

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Re: Recon AAR

Post by Panzergraf » 03 Jul 2013, 21:57

Sounds like you guys had a hell of a game :)
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Re: Recon AAR

Post by Arradin » 04 Jul 2013, 00:18

Just think about it, these guys saw you take a piss at night and reported the " size of it " back to us... Disturbing stuff i tell you.

had a BLAST with these people, an amazing group of people!
Such dedicated snipers :)
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