Game area?

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 11

What about the new gamearea?

The new area was great!
Better than Harnosand! Keep that area for next year.
Did not like it but still better than Harnosand.
Did not like it at all, get back to the Harnosand area.
Find a new area, i dont like this or Harnosand.
Total votes: 89

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Re: Game area?

Post by HiTeck7 » 05 Jul 2013, 10:01

BiohZn wrote:As this was my first Berget i cant really compare it to anything. But i did like the area :)
me too ;-)

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Re: Game area?

Post by Cassius » 05 Jul 2013, 10:09

I agree distance were perfect!
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Re: Game area?

Post by Kousa » 19 Jul 2013, 11:05

Distances, as raven, what i heard, were a little frustrating from time to time. And as SFODU, we managed to get plenty of kilometers also, but really was no prob. With the mech helping with some longer range operations it was perfectly fine.

I also believe that the Ravens wasn't supposed to be running to the border and back like they did, as the GCT was supposed to have control of it. But shit happens.

Roads, however, there really could've been more of them. As many have pointed already, having only one road to get further, really escalated to be a problem. Instead of a long-range support or transport, it made mechanised mainly to be an assault force to get the borders. That as in my point of view of the game. Some might know better.

Lack of players made its own problems for the area. With 400 players more, the outer areas of the game area could've made to a lot bigger use. Also, some tactical points in the areas further away, would've added an interesting aspect for the milsim guys.

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Re: Game area?

Post by ViskiNalle » 22 Jul 2013, 15:17

As being a civillian and at the same time UA17 I think the area was ok, but the usage of it was really poor. Berget is nowadays more and more vehicle based game and there being only one road that leads to the game area, that is drivable gives problems.

As I saw the game as civillian, GCT pushed to the civillian camp and ravens pushed GCT out of the camp. This went on until GCT destroyed the Iron Walls. If the huge Iron Walls would been deeper in the game area and not so near at the border the road at southern border crossing could been clear for a time. When me and my friend started to do some civillian scouting first day the main road was always a huge fighting ground. But I think ravens and GCT players had loads of fun on that same road.

Im also hoping that next berget is going to be in the same area that Berget 10 was.
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