Lost and Found

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 12
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Lost and Found

Post by Sivert » 01 Jul 2014, 15:30

This thread is for all items that have been lost and found in Berget 12.

I've lost my Yaesu VX-8GR Dual Band radio near the white house in the civilian town. When it's turned on my call sign and name (Julian S) is shown in the boot screen. If you've found it please send me a PM.

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Weekendworker » 01 Jul 2014, 17:26

The Ravens had a lost and found box at hq.

We turned it into GM after the game.

I know there was atleast one radio in there so try BE crew.

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Reks- » 01 Jul 2014, 18:02

i ve lost my radio near the bridge at first night, if somebody found it pls let me know.
it look like on that picture Image

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Re: Lost and Found

Post by freno » 01 Jul 2014, 22:16

I lost all of my fishing-gears. Thanks to you who took it, there will be no fishing for me this summer!!! :twisted:
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Askorbiini » 01 Jul 2014, 22:31

If someone remembers travelling in a khaki VW Transporter pickup, and has lost three PMAGs and a map pouch, let me know. I have your stuff.

PM me with some details of your stuff to get it back.
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by matte_wo » 07 Jul 2014, 17:58

Aluminium suitcase size smaller with "acid"(?) bottles. If no one claims it, it will reappear during next game!
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by ViskiNalle » 07 Jul 2014, 18:17

matte_wo wrote:FOUND:
Aluminium suitcase size smaller with "acid"(?) bottles. If no one claims it, it will reappear during next game!
It contains samples of Rico vodka. It shouldn't kill any braincells. :D it can reappear in the next game, it has been in 2 berget games and guy who owned it said it's okay if some one wants it.
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Samba » 10 Jul 2014, 07:44

LOST: KJW M1911-pistol. I dropped it while driving to the Badgers Nest's Trading Station by our ATV. Probably. At least I had it when I left my base before it.
It is important artifact and trusted servant for me. And I feel unarmed without it.

Tried to ask it several times from the "Lost and Found" at the main safe during the game and after it, but they hadn't received it yet.
I hope it can still be found, or someone have info about it.

Samuli Valkama
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Rhyn0 » 14 Jul 2014, 05:31

niteye msc-10 flashlight+offset mount.. must have come off somewhere
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by Goin » 15 Jul 2014, 17:44

*All found, no longer missing
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by A.Pellinen » 04 Aug 2014, 23:41

My friend doesnt have a account so I deliver his message:
Berget was fun and for this fun I paid a bit of price.
During the last hour and last attack on Oil Fields I lost a pistol. KWC Colt 1911.(http://goo.gl/lD86fD) And I am very-very wishing it to be found. Also there was an OD glove lost somewere there as well. (http://goo.gl/huyLQ4)
If someone found it, please contact me here or by mail faryaboo@gmail.com for later dicsussion.
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Re: Lost and Found

Post by ganzknapp » 30 Oct 2014, 12:34

ESS blistic glasses with white lens. Left it in drinking water-shower-toilet area when leaving the game.
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