Who had radio issues

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Who had radio issues

Post by wormbyte » 05 Jul 2014, 18:45

I had radio problems once more.

Apart from the ability to reach my units in the field, which I am sure was hampered by interference from the power lines, there was also issues with the radios. Fortunately I only had around 7 units needed game radios as most other sub-commanders had brought their own radios and batteries.

But the sub-commanders who did use game radios all had to go without comms for over an hour when their radios were taken away to be re-charged.
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Re: Who had radio issues

Post by Tiger_1 » 06 Jul 2014, 12:28

Our units issue was related to terraine and some issue with the power lines. Backup that worked was PRR between cars. But small units scattered around the map will be a problem with the current UHF command net, without repeaters.
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Re: Who had radio issues

Post by vinni » 06 Jul 2014, 12:42

During the fishing trip, I had massive difficulties contacting my units at the fisherman's hut from Raven HQ, and that's not even that far...
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Re: Who had radio issues

Post by alecu » 06 Jul 2014, 13:01

We had PES from hq and PES betwen us if we had one man down he could find us on that

From oil field you had to get 2 meters up a radio and would kinda work. Further no chance
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Re: Who had radio issues

Post by Sgt._Shaw » 06 Jul 2014, 20:14

We did have issues... and because i did not check in advance which VHF Freqs to use we couldn't use it. I heard from some others that VHF had worked much better than UHF... although on the other hand it is not completely legal and the enemy is allowed to listen in.

Back to UHF: At the new mill and the oilfield i had some interference on one point and none ten meters further, so it was OK... got perfect contact with HQ from the gas station also.

And as i was in HQ i had contact with a squad at the T-crossing to the oilfield, but extreme interference in the HQ tent itself (must have been the metal sceleton of the tent and/or the power generator, dunno).

So all in all the radio coverage was slightly better than last year, where i couldn't reach HQ from the other side of the power-line most of the time. But still not as good as you need it for coordinating with and giving info to the HQ.
Powerlines and hills are the biggest issues, my guess.
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