RADIO Channels B14 NAF

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Re: RADIO Channels B14 NAF

Post by grasulas » 25 Jun 2016, 18:02

For puxing 888K the TX/RX bandwidth can be switched from wide (25KHz) to narrow (12.5KHz).

The standard FM deviation used by hand held radio equipment is generally rather wide by default, when you set it to narrow, some signals might get choked somewhere in the filter level, is the same effect like when you set high squelch level, part of the transmission will be lost.

YES if you use the wide band in some situation is possible to have splattering and bleed over the channels close to your frequency, but your signal will be weak, there for have short range of impact.

Guys don`t have to take my word for granted just google it for 10-15 min.

LE: in the end is a matter of choice and how you need to use the radio, for HQ or long range communication as a recon or as a FOB I will use wide settings for a close range with my squad communication I will use narrow.
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Re: RADIO Channels B14 NAF

Post by Miksu » 26 Jun 2016, 00:26

Also if you are afraid of enemy players listening your channel and your squad is mostly all together, I would recommend to use low TX power so your transmission is not able to be captured by enemy players so far away from you. I believe these Chinese radios Low TX is around 1W when for example PMR446 (if remembered right) have 0.5W transmitter.
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