[S] GFM Infantry ticket for €180 (Berget 2019)

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[S] GFM Infantry ticket for €180 (Berget 2019)

Post by fnadde42 » 03 May 2019, 19:42

I'm selling my ticket since I can no longer go to Berget.

Remember that you can contact Berget if you want to change things in a ticket.
Ticket number: 1502
Sleeping arrangement: I bring my own military tent (If civilian unit civilian tent is ok)
T-Shirt size: Large
After Party: Not interested
Officer: Normal or Squad leader
Team: GFM Infantry

Code: Select all

Medic Armband 	    1 * €15  = €15
Berget velcro patch 1 * €7   = €7
The Medic Armband and Velcro patch are included but not in the price since those are optional things that I chose. Enjoy.

Get the ticket for €180
(I take care of the €15 fee for changing person on the ticket)

Send me a PM if you are interested

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