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Please give us your feedback on Berget 17!
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Re: Feedback - General

Post by Arginj » 18 Jul 2019, 18:46

3ngine wrote:
18 Jul 2019, 14:38
It would be great if someone would read the payments@berget-events -email, I sent mail two weeks ago no answers...
Agree with this. No answers.
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Re: Feedback - General

Post by Arradin » 18 Jul 2019, 22:06

3ngine wrote:
18 Jul 2019, 14:38
It would be great if someone would read the payments@berget-events -email, I sent mail two weeks ago no answers...
Ah, i appologize for the delay in replies - Berget Crew have vacation after berget , you should get a reply soon.
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Re: Feedback - General

Post by Oma_Desala » 19 Jul 2019, 22:57

Hi to Nordisec Police!

First I want to thank you for being in berget!!!! You guys are awesome!!!
You guys had rough time in berget, some of you left home after 2 days. :(

>Minus -
>Brake in to car, scratched cars by writing stuf on them. Just because its a police car and you normaly dont like the police, we are not police! We pay >for this with our own money.
>Our team put alot of money in to this, to look like and act like the real police. Real police cars are expencive, and we used more than 4000Euros just >on fuel. We hade 8 Police cars at berget this year, we got 6 some how vandalized. This kind of stuf will make it so we dont go to this kind of event.
>We are normal "civilians" going to this event in our own cars for our own money, its not a goverment founded police force that can just get new shit >for tax money. So stay the --- SPAM !!! --- off our cars! And other cars to.

I personally appreciate the job that you have done to look like police. And your cars! Nice job!!!
This doesn´t fit in a small human head, WHY, oh WHY anyone reasonable person would behave like an *** hole?!??!!!!
I thought other players knew, that you were paying your own gears and equipment. ( Don't we all?) Or is it just indifference to others´ property!!!?!!! :evil:
How ever vandalized your cars, I hope he has enough BALLS to be A MAN and pay for the damage what's been done!!!
I don't accept bad behavior towards anyone or anything!!! :evil: :twisted: :twisted: :evil:

>Our placement in the Blue base, we need to be able to be local police if we are locals to the ingame country, Red fight us because we were blue, >Civilians fight us because we are police, blue fight us because they think we are in the way of the military part of the game. If we are going to be >local police again we need to live and work inside the civilian town as civilian police, and not have any aliance to the military sides.

I have to agreed to this one too. I hope next time the police will protect civilians.

>Fighting inside the town. Red is local military force, they are there to protect there own country aka the civilians also, Blue is a force going in to an >area to help the civilians, so wy all this fighting in the town and shooting up the civilans just for fun? This destroys the LARP part as a killed civilan >have to spawn as a new person, and if we have a wittnes of a crime and it gets killed every 10min wtf will we do?

Friday night shooting inside the town was bad. Red was ok and most of the blue's too. But it need only couple idiots to ruin the mood and the game. Shooting civilians just for fun. Even if blue has a mission to find someone. Next time open your mouth, not fire.
So special thanks for you Nordisec Police for rescuing Saturday morning!!! Even, I did get shot for throwing my shoes towards you. :D
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Re: Feedback - General

Post by Tiger_1 » 22 Jul 2019, 19:55

First off, thanks for the game.
Having done this for a lot of years, my Berget game has become a yearly meet with a great group of friends from all over the world. This fact makes our game a great time just because we get to shoot bb’s at and with each other.
Overall, toilets, kiosk, checkin, crono and tents worked out fine (at least when we reduced the nr of people in it when we found two tents up was nearly empty ;) )
Car checkin could probably have been more effective, others have given suggestions to fix that.
I know people have had comments on balance, and yes, this year blue had a up hill fight, but we had some good fights all the same.
Command seemed to work ok from my point of view (good missions now and again), and luckily as top gunner on a vic I did not have to worry to much about the overall story ;) The telegram info worked ok in conjunction with the Berget map.
As a top gunner without a shield or turret I can relate to the issues of being a lot easier to shoot ;) but I still survived a lot more encounters then I thought I would. The safety range on my MG was a issue I discovered early, and about 85% of my engagement where actually carried out with my backup carbine that was CQB rated. I would ask that guns are given safety distance based on their crono stat, not role. If players wish to have a MG with a shorter range but more useful in game, this should be possible.
As a final note, I got to be part of the short lived mounted raid on the “crossroad poker game” on Saturday, that was a fun little fight, sorry we were late and had lost so many players (a lot of people leave early on Saturday) that we could not hold out longer :)

See you all next year!

Ps. Thanks to the great crew of our blue force mech platoon, nice fighting with you
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Re: Feedback - General

Post by Norseman-76 » 25 Jul 2019, 09:38

So, this was the first time I ever joined a Berget game, and I must say it did not disappoint! It has been on my bucket list to attend for several years, so it was great to finally make it. Will I be attending sometime again? I sure hope so, but it will probably not be next year.

I originally volunteered to be a platoon leader for TFC. Leading up to the final week before the game, I suddenly realized that I would actually be a company commander (although my 'company' was sized up as a small platoon). As this through some of my plans in the trash, it is probably the only negative thing I can think of that happened to me personally.

It was an absolute pleasure working with every member of Bravo Company! I can only hope that I was able to provide in accordance with my command position, and that you all had fun, first and foremost!
And of course, it was really great being able to work alongside the mech units, where some of my friends from my hometown were a part of.

Ace and Brian, I also hope that the performance of Bravo Company was up to your standards!

As for specific feedback, a lot of good points have been made already, but I'll throw in my two cents worth:

- The information regarding who is in what company, platoon and squads could be somewhat better. The info I received for the original platoon was received well in time, such that squad planning could be done. However, once more information came in the last week before the game, and that it was now a company and not a platoon, came a bit too close to the game itself. This, together with the fact that a lot of the plyers did not check the forums meant that a lot of planning and coordination had to be done on the game day itself. A minor thing, as I did enjoy the challenge. But it could have been better.

- The kiosk was excellent! Really good burgers, friendly staff! I did not really expect such relative high standard of food at an event like this, but I applaud it! Please bring my regards to the staff of the kiosk!

- The use of the Telegram app for TFC side worked fairly well, in my opinion. However, the minute I got involved in firefights or, as on the first night when I was separated from the rest of the company and harassing my way around the enemy rear, I simply did not have any time to update locations or info. On the second night, when we supported mechanized to first capture CP1 before moving on to the village, I worked out a system with the mech unit commander that I work on the ground controlling the company in response to enemy movements and communicating frequently with mech commander, while he updated on the app (since he was seated in vehicle). This allowed me to keep my focus on what took place in the field, while at the same time HQ was updated as to what was going on. Just a thing to note for other commanders at a later game.

Overall, extremely happy about the game, even though I had underestimated my own stamina when it comes to running and gunning in forest terrain. I guess I have to condition myself better before I attempt to join gain :P
Bravo Zulu!

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Re: Feedback - General

Post by Hypokondrikern » 05 Aug 2019, 20:37

This was my ninth berget and here follows the annual report:
( notice how some things were not mentioned as I did not buy from the shop, kiosk or use the shower...)

# Things that still work:

- Toilets,
Better than most music festivals but could truly be given a second sweep in the afternoon.
- Chrono,
Excellent ! All thumbs up! There have been years where I felt like people could get through all kinds of nasty equipment but this year delivered a friendly and professional crew that made me feel that the game would be played safe and fair. )
- Parking,
There is still space to park - even if you are late

New stuff of interest:

- The reaper drone did have an impact and brought a cinematic effect to the convoy mission
- I liked the idea of the booby trapped mines but did not encounter them in-game
- Great armbands! Fixate the player number so they are reusable and the system is perfect!

# Things to improve upon:

- Balance,
This never goes the right way. I always feel like the red is overwhelming the blue and they are to be given extra perks - which makes difference for the HQs but has very little effect on the red infantry following orders and waiting long hours for contact. I am considering to change to the blue team just to give them a hand..
( I could also see how it is time to skip the camo distinctions to have people with two colored armbands and the possibility to join either team. This assures perfect balance. Platoons, yes even squads could then easily be moved from one team to another for perfect balance of the forces. )

- Saturday is for sleeping,
It seems to be general mindset that saturday is a day of peace. Very few are ready to move our and there are few orders. Blue side have often more or less given up at this point and one doesn't really get the energy to tread out from the sleepy setting in base. It is almost as if one loses this half game day entirely.

- The base is a festival,
Another change over the years has been the softening atmosphere in the camps. I just feel like Berget has turned somewhat of a rifle decorated festival with music and drinking in the camp. Keep an eye on those beers and please enforce some sort of

- Where is the button?
The placement of CPs could be more straightforward to make them more easily found and also to improve the action around them. The only one that is interesting in my eyes is CP6 which proves excellent inf vs inf and inf vs mech combat. There is a clearing, dense forest, elevation and road combined. CP6 always delivers the best combat.

- Are we allowed to respawn?
This can be the friendly yet awkward dialogue around a respawn when you do not have a phone with you. Indication in respawn whether the position is yours or not could be a remedy. There are many of us that don't want to bring our phone into the wet greens. Please create a beacon for the respawn area as well.

- Vehicle movement and safety distance of their MGS
Hm, this was close to turning bad many a time during this berget. Yes, tanks and iphones - but I was mostly thinking of the blue convoy that almost rolled over a group of reds armed with toothbrushes. The next step was full auto outside the kiosk from MGS onto targets that were grilling. I can still be baffled that no one was wounded. I do not think that these drive-ins are safe - yet they contribute to some sort of satisfying chaos.

- A sign of the LARPER
Make a patch for players that are ready to interact through the verbal word and not only plastic.

- Better control of the use of Bio BBs
There are still many that do not use Bio BBs, I do not know how to control it but don't like the use of the harmful plastics.
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