Weapon classes and Cars

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Weapon classes and Cars

Post by Jokk » 24 Nov 2019, 20:25


Last berget lots of cars got MGs with CQB-class from chrono (ours included). The crew chronoing the MGs (while attached to the car) said "you guys get class 1, you can fire at 1 meter" and attached a blue zip-tie to the MG, the colour for class 1 for last year.

This was never, and i mean NEVER, approved in the field by other players.
It was realy frustrating as we knew what the chrono crew told us.

Was this a chrono crew error or are MGs mounted to cars allowed to be any class up to class 3?

I think this needs some clarification by berget crew.
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Re: Weapon classes and Cars

Post by Crapgame » 24 Nov 2019, 21:21

I guess i could be any class up to class3, if you want to put a CQB gun in the turret it is up to you.
i get that players complain, they do that every year with the turret guns. Last year it made BE crew limit RPS.
but the truth is that it is a combination of adrenaline, lack of sleep, lack of food and being scared of the sound ot the MGs that actually is the cause of
the complaints.
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