Radio Communication

Discuss about all kinds of radio`s sutable for airsoft games.
Mike von Bulow

Radio Communication

Post by Mike von Bulow » 03 Aug 2006, 00:46

What would be a display of the types of radios. I presume that PMRs but for a squad leaders and HQ communication ? Will you have some UHC frequency radios as SAM 52 or RF-10ns?


Post by Ruskyj » 01 Sep 2006, 08:33

PMR is unusable in theese conditions as far as I've heard. Too many ppl, too few channels. Too big area, too small power :).
But seeing some RF10 (or similar military radio) for the squad - command connection would be cool (if you don't mind having such a brick on your back :P), real military radios, just another step for the better atmosphere...

But yeah, some more info about the communication would be apreciated, thanks.


Post by zub » 01 Sep 2006, 12:09

i'm transforming my motorola gp2000 (4watt UHF) into an PRC-10 radio... just got the radio cover så now i can get startes.

also bought a handset

only problem with my setup is that i will not be able to change channel, and adjustin volume is going to be tricky.

if the main network is going to be on VHF.. well... then i guess i'll end up with another radio :D

ps. anyone know a good place to buy antennas? - needs to be 1-1½ meter long, bendable. need both UHF and VHF.


Post by zub » 10 Sep 2006, 11:22

i've googled a bit for info about the bands that is going to be used...

From B5 website:
The LPD and SRBR bands will be used for communications at company level, and the PMR band at platoon and squad levels.

PMR: Personal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz
1. 446.00625 MHz
2. 446.01875 MHz
3. 446.03125 MHz
4. 446.04375 MHz
5. 446.05625 MHz
6. 446.06875 MHz
7. 446.08125 MHz
8. 446.09375 MHz
500mW maximum (legal) output.

SRBR (Short Range Business Radio):
no wiki, use google
444.975 MHz
1Watt maximum (legal) output.

LPD band, (Low Power Device) ... ion_device
433.075-434.775 MHz
69 channels, 25kHz spacing
maximum (legal) output of 10mW (yes, 10mW)

From B5 website:
Sovjet and the Allied forces each have 20 frequencies at their disposal on various bands.

Question: "various bands", is that split out between LPD, SRBR and PMR, or between 27mhz, UHF, VHF etc.

Do you have a permit to go beyond the preset maximum power outputs?
because 10mW....


Post by nbIBACuK » 26 Sep 2006, 22:13


What about using Kenwood TK 3107? 5W, 440-480Mhz. Would it be legal on this game? Would there be any problems on border control ?

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Post by Sgt? » 24 Oct 2006, 21:46


Im Sgtº from SAG - Spezialkräfte Airsoft Gruppe.

we use inside team SEM52S ans SL units and believe me ,they are at fullproff for everything.
I only recomend to replace original low antenna for SEM52A one ,flextype.

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Post by Müller » 25 Oct 2006, 02:37

My squad is planning on using VHF radios for (at least) inter-squad comms. Any objections from the organizers or will this be fine?

Völund [BHZ]

Post by Völund [BHZ] » 21 Mar 2007, 15:44

as long as you dont disturb the "real" VHF traffic in the area
i assume that your radiomen will have VHF-certificates

avoid all traffic channels and assume that Swedish NavCon North situated in HSD will hear you. ;p

Vader [WG-A.I.M.]

Post by Vader [WG-A.I.M.] » 31 Mar 2007, 08:24


enable you what kind of documents for Russian players will be needed to enter the Swedish radio LPD with changeable power output 0.1-4 W and working band 433.075 - 434.775 MHz is also interested in the planned ship will be tough division specified frequencies for each of the parties, or as otherwise? Will the Russians players be able to use their stations at the time of the game to interact with other players playing on the side of Russian (on the side of Russia), or will be able to use the stations only to communicate among themselves? At what frequency will work station planned to rent?


Post by Finarvas » 31 Mar 2007, 13:10

Vader [WG-A.I.M.]: AFAIK you can have whatever radio you want, it's using it that requires license in som instances so you shouldn't need any paper to bring radios!

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Post by pivo-lasko » 31 Oct 2008, 21:01

as far as communications systems i recommend rino system from garmin.

its basically integrated gps with radio. the gps function supports gps mapping with some extra features like electronic compass, pressure based altimeter, temperature measurement etc.

the radio part is gmrs based frequency (464 Mhz) with a 5W output for rino 530 system.

and it has a special feature of position polling (which is a major pro).

i bought one a year ago specially for berget 5 and since i use it on all major airsoft events. on b5 it was a major advantage over other teams as it displays realtime position of the unit on the preloaded map (downloaded gps maps of the harnosand area :wink: ).

as one of my teammates bought recently one, i was able to test the polling function in action and it performed superbly. polling basically means recieving and sending current position of the unit onto the displays of the units. the unit proved to be sturdy enough and even after a year and a half of intense using (crawling, jumping, running with it in the vest pocket) it proved its durability. as far as it goes for radio range it also proved, 5 watt output is suitable for dense, rugged forrest areas. the transmission is clear and it ranges up to 7 km in these areas.

to summarize:

its a great gadget, its radio range is excellent (for european standard) and it has a bonus feature of gps navigation with position polling.

would definetly recommend for squad-to-higher communication

bought mine on ebay for approx 380€ (in april of 2007, all costs included - shipping&handlig, VAT and customs).

should anyone want to have harnosand area gps map (for mapsource), i could upload it.
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Post by Simpen » 30 Nov 2008, 20:34

as far as I know the GMRS 464 band is not free-for-all in sweden.

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Post by Thinker » 07 Dec 2008, 22:44

The GMRS band shouldnt be used, frequencies on that band is allocated to other stuff, including radio links for companies. You really shouldnt use radios thats not on the approved, open, frequencies list.

But then again, on last berget 6 I found people on a lot of different frequencies they shouldnt be. Including one of the INTERNATIONAL emergency airplane frequencies (really stupid), and on nationell swedish railroad channel.

Dont just press in a random frequency ok?
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Post by whiskey » 08 Dec 2008, 11:20

Thinker wrote: But then again, on last berget 6 I found people on a lot of different frequencies they shouldnt be. Including one of the INTERNATIONAL emergency airplane frequencies (really stupid), and on nationell swedish railroad channel.

Dont just press in a random frequency ok?
must be an interesting radio set to transmit on 121.5MHz :? You usually don't buy those in your local electro shop...

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Post by Thinker » 11 Dec 2008, 03:43

121.5 is the big one and its not in the standard range of radios, but this was one of the other (243.0MHz, military emergencies unless Im wrong). My guess is some team got a hold of real Tacbe and used it or tried it, like tacbe be499 have Ch1 243.0 and Ch2 279.45MHz. Heard the chatter without much noice on the scanner.

I have a lot of chatter saved (2500 plus files), have deleted a lot though, and not listed to all yet or organised it all, got a couple of the "sjörapporten" in (swedish searapport), and all without channel info, only sound (unless they discuss it over radio which some do...) Got a lot of it in many different languages, most of which I cant understand, but it helped to tell which teams it might have been on what frequencies. If its russian on one frequency, it probably wasnt norwegian players.

Hade to block out a lot of frequencies, the big antennas on the hill by Nato base probably transmitted a lot of the "non game" I heard, like sjörapporten, and more or less continual transmissions on minicall.

Will see if I can find my notes from the game with different frequencies people used, just realised I didnt save it to my computor, or atleast not in my "Berget 6" folder or where I can find it. Know some used 445, 430.0 and a lot more.

But there where chatter on most of the "free" radio bands used around the world, like 462/467, 409, 461, 868, 2400 and amateur band 144, 145 and so on.
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