What kind of player are YOU?

Share your Berget "know-how" and what is necessary to be prepared for when going to Berget-games.
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What kind of player are YOU?

Post by Berget-events » 05 Oct 2009, 22:40

What type of player are you? This might be in handy if you are new to Berget.

Here you can see the group you belong to according to the Berget Standard.

Has participated in some local games in their homeland, have been attracted to Berget of their more experienced players. Very often is this category involved in problems during the event when they have not read the rules properly and assumed Berget being like their local Sunday games . Do often complain about lack of action, showers and other comfortables.

TIP: Read the rules! Read Veterans corner on the forum!

Speedball Player:
Playing airsoft as it were a contest, often calls the event a tournament that they must win. Often play paintball and is confused with rules from there. These players are often disappointed in the Berget games when they do not get the same amount of action as in their local speedball games. Unfortunately, these players are also involved in cheating and rule discussions. These players are too competitive and can not cope if an opponent misses a hit.

TIP: Change the style of play or stay home!

Action player:
The most common type of players participating on Berget. These players take the time to read and understand the rules to get prepared. Want action but has no trouble guarding an object for a few hours. Has extensive experience from airsoft and has often played a few years. These players are happy as long as they get interesting missions and some lardge firefights per day.

TIP: Do not play on the Milsim team!

Milsim player:
Like all aspects of the game, appreciative of militarily organization in their team. Follows orders to the letter. Has no problem with spying on an enemy for a day without firing a shot. Is often well trained and has a good physique does not complain about having to go back and forth across the playing area.

TIP: Keep in mind that the Berget is not a milsim, therefore, choose a team with many milsimplayers and accept and respect people who does not take the game as serious.

Berget veteran:
These players have the experience of several Berget games and often other international biggames. They can play all gamestyles, are very experienced and often play key roles as officers, trustees and LARP roles important for the storyline. These players know what they can expect when they choose teams and adapts thereafter.

TIP: Write more stuff in Veterans Forum

LARP players:
Likes to play civilian roles during the game and cares a lot about politics and the games storyline. These players are often very appreciated as the set the tone for the entire game with acting. These players care less about shooting and often perform their missions with alot of freedom in accordance with their character..

TIP: Keep in mind that not everyone likes LARP, do not be pissed off if not all players LARP back.

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