[TEAM] Assault Expedition Group Berlin

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[TEAM] Assault Expedition Group Berlin

Post by 1st-Berlin/AEG_Pyro » 19 Feb 2010, 14:58

Zie Dschörmans ar bäck...
Hi, we are a German MilSim/Battledispay Team...
Check out our website (the site is under construction, but you´re welcome to sign in to get nearly total access to our forum and gallery)
The site is in german, but we work on a english version...
But there is an english section for our international guests in our forum...
Updates and more pics in gallery soon!

greetings from Germany
B5 Platoonleader - Herman Coy 1st Platoon Russian Forces.
B7 Squadleader - SpecialForces 1st Coy Yuri Orlov´s Mercenaries
B8 Platoonleader - "Sixth Mercs" Civilian Mercenaries
B9 UN-Forces


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