Need Some Answers

Discuss about all kinds of radio`s sutable for airsoft games.
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Need Some Answers

Post by sniperdude » 11 Oct 2010, 19:53

1. Can everybody use the radio or is it only specifik persons that can use it.
2. Do you get to borrow the radios from Berget or do you have to bring your own?
3. How does it work with channels and all that stuff

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Post by Mr.Ghost » 12 Oct 2010, 05:50

1. Everybody.
2. You choose.
3. Somehow. It depends on standard and channels chosen by HQ of your team.

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Post by Brujo » 12 Oct 2010, 13:08

1. Everyone can use it but it is only platoon commanders and up that use Berget provided radios and their frequencies.
2. If you are a Plt CO or Coy CO you choose, if you are a peon, you use your own.
3. As Ghost wrote, radio network is set up before the game, BE try to adapt frequencies as much as possible. If there is no desire for network setup then BE will just give you a few frequencies preset and live with that.
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