Your best Berget 16 moments

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 16
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Re: Your best Berget 16 moments

Post by Verage » 09 Jul 2018, 13:23

Obi-San wrote:
09 Jul 2018, 12:17
How did it come to this that Shadows(SF) CO came to some point without area recon AND how cannot Shadows(SF) differ yellow from blue? :)

I personally liked larping in village, beer was good!
The Blue (purple) armbands were very hard to see, specially when wet.
There are a few options, or we saw medicbands as Yellow bands, or there were Mercs with NAF.
We were on our way to a wedding, all dressed up. It was not our intend to get into a fight.

The first plan was to go by car, but that plan changed last minute so we walked to the Shrine.
Next plan was to have 1 squad in front and the other with the VIP's 30m behind that.
So if we would have been in contact, the other squad with VIPs could go back.

I really like to know what the blue guys were thinking when 3 guys just started walking up to them :D

After that we heard that HQ had knowledge of infantry moving up that road. But 'forgot' to mention that.
(this is what i've heard not 100% sure)

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Re: Your best Berget 16 moments

Post by Panzergraf » 09 Jul 2018, 15:36

I've got 3 great moments, that all started out kinda bad:

Best moment 1:
The bad stuff - On thursday my platoon passed by the village, one of the Swedish cars got a window shot out, and understandably the Swedish teams and their three cars all went off-game back to base. I think many of you know of this incident by now.

The great stuff - So, it was only my own squad and our car left. Time to be heroes! We continued up to the AF (our mission originally was to set up a road block north of AF), and it was already held by friendly forces, and they were all pushing north. We joined up with them, and found further friendly forces in a firefight with the NAF at the 130-095 crossroad. We turned east up towards CF and blitzed past the NAF infantry, who seemed to not have any BAVS assets, my turret gunner blazing away. Halfway between CF and The Shrine we turned around, went back down, then turned around west of CF again and went back up. Still guns blazing. Between CF anf Shrine there was a minefield, and we spent some time clearing it. Then got intel that CF was in fact in enemy hands, and we turned back down, yet again, to support friendly infantry with our turret MG. After turning back west up the hill again, we ran into NAF mech (our friends from Team Berserkir and who had passed through the minefield we recently cleared. They had BAVS, and killed our car. We evacuated and headed into the woods. I was maybe 5-10m to the side of the road when the first Berserkir G-wagon passed through, with dismounted infantry following behind. A friendly BAVS gunner handled their cars, while we gunned down all their infantry and turret gunners.
It was a really intense firefight, and a great Berget moment. The gunner of the pickup truck got me in the end, seconds before his car got blown up. We went back to base, but the area was still in friendly control when we left.

Best moment 2:
The (not so) bad stuff - My team had established a checkpoint north-east of the village, halfway between it and GF. Some of my more inexperienced team members got careless and were just hanging around the car, when they got taken out ny sniper fire.
I ran into the woods, found a good position, and quickly saw three enemy snipers advancing towards me through the dense brush. I raised my weapon and took aim, I had all three dead to rights! A quick burst - and then my own turret gunner quickly traverses left and hits me in the neck (with my own MG, even!), dangit!

The great stuff - Occational friendly fire aside, my gunner has amazing eyesight, and even with the enemy snipers crawling in the dense woods, wearing leaf suits, he quickly dispatched them with short, accurate burts. They turned out to be 4 in total. I watched them work close to where I lay dead, and they were good. But as soon as they moved barely an inch, my gunner locked onto them, like some kind of Terminator.
It was impressive to watch. (I take part credit from having built the gun he was using)

Best moment 3:
The kinda lame stuff - On friday we were sent on a mission to attack the NAF base and set up a field hospital close to CP3.
I was appointed field command just before we set off. Then, seconds later, we got word there were enemy tanks coming down the road, and we prepared to dig in with the Shadows and ambush them so the road would be clear for our attack (and take out a bunch of the NAF forces in the process). Well, HQ didn't like that, and we were ordered to press on. Apparently someone were already ambushing the tanks and NAF mech forces.
Stuff didn't work out as planned, we did run into the tanks, and our assault force got close to wiped out.
Except for parts of Team Ghost in my platoon, they went deep into the woods on foot.

The great stuff - At least 5 hours later, we were tasked to hit the enemy base again, this time without the big truck and its infantry complement. We were gonna try the more stealthy approach. The elements from Team Ghost were still in the woods, in hiding, a short distance south of the enemy base.
We went north, parked our vehicles near CP3, and went on foot through the woods. We had comms with the Ghost squad leader (who had to whisper, being really close to the NAF base by now), and apparently NAF mech were heading out. We pushed on, as silently as was possible for us clumsy, lazy Mech players, and had the enemy tents in sight. It was really tense, we could hear NAF players laughinh and talking around a campfire, and we all hit the deck as some NAF players passed by close to us on the road, heading for their off-game parking lot.
Then a car alarm went off, and I almost shat my pants. I radioed the guys in the cars (drivers and gunners of three cars stayed behind at CP3), and had them come down and join the attack. So we had roughly half a platoon of infantry attacking the base from the woods north of the base, half a squad from the south, and two-three gunships attacking along the road.
In the end this was also a fail, but it was great fun and if not for a few coincidences I think it would have worked.
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Re: Your best Berget 16 moments

Post by M.Koho » 09 Jul 2018, 18:37

Verage wrote:
09 Jul 2018, 13:23
After that we heard that HQ had knowledge of infantry moving up that road. But 'forgot' to mention that.
(this is what i've heard not 100% sure)
Well the problem was that Shadows were using their own net instead of the same one everyone else was using and there was just one guy passing information between the two networks. Comms situation got better when Shadows were transferred to the same network as everyone else!
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Re: Your best Berget 16 moments

Post by belphegor » 10 Jul 2018, 19:32

Oma_Desala wrote:
06 Jul 2018, 18:49
Being first time in Berget...Yeah, Oma was green.

One of the black bear bikers approached Oma a few times. Last time he asked Oma for a ride.
Oma thought for a second or two. Nice young man asking..... What a compliment for a older woman. :D
So then they were on their way, Oma and two BBBs. They get as far as Holly Shrine. Place was crowded with UPIR soldiers, which stopped them.
UPIR and Black Bear Bikers had some kind of dispute. UPIR soldier shot both BBB. :shock:
Oma was panic. The only thing she could say was that she was a sivilian lived in the village. UPIR let her go.
A few days after something interesting was brought to her knowledge. Those BBB's were planning to capture Oma, take her to tha Capture point and kill her there. :shock:
So Oma was saved from terrible destiny. Thank's for UPIR soldiers.

Oma did die, in the crossfire, tried to get to the toilet.......stupid drunk.
So Oma was green....super green.
These fine BBB's wont kill ya. They thought Oma is one of these runaway prostitutes and just bring her back to work. :D

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Re: Your best Berget 16 moments

Post by Oma_Desala » 11 Jul 2018, 19:46

Oma did die, in the crossfire, tried to get to the toilet.......stupid drunk.
So Oma was green....super green.
These fine BBB's wont kill ya. They thought Oma is one of these runaway prostitutes and just bring her back to work. :D

Oma was not prostitutet, she was drunkard.
Besides, if she had been, you could not afford it. :P
Oma is dead, so let her rest in peace. For the next year: be afraid, Be very afrait!!!! :D :lol:
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Re: Your best Berget 16 moments

Post by Switchback » 27 Jul 2018, 22:02

I was in the NAF Mech Golf 1 Foxtrot Vehicle (Callsign Butler), as we where rolling back to base to head off an enemy armor push. Unfortunately, we where at the back of the convoy and got held up in the town. By the time we where on the way back, we drove up and ran right into the enemy armor. I was sitting in the passenger seat of the truck, and I bailed out (I thought we had been hit). I run to a ditch, as did a teammate who was sitting behind me. We get as low as we can, and wait. All hell breaks loose and I start hearing gunfire, rounds flying over our heads. We heard what we thought was the tank turning around (To come after us). We also start hearing noises in the forest that sound like enemies, so we plan a retreat.

Unfortunately, this plan means we have to cross the road, where the APCs are. Without any better plan we book it across the road, refusing to turn our heads. We make it into the forest on the other side, and hear armor rolling. Afraid it was coming towards us, we start walking into the forest. We think our vehicle was destroyed, so we start prepping to head off and do some sneaky stuff, and are discussing a plan. (Turns out one of my friends had left his gun in the vehicle). Before I can hand him my pistol, a squad of Shadows appears and attempts to ambush us. They get my 2 buddies, but I was in better cover and am able to get effective rounds downrange. I engage and take one guy out. Fearing for my life (and the lives of anyone behind me who isn't aware of the shadows) I stay down and watch for any movement. After 10 minutes a medic shows up and we clear the area, the Shadows had disappeared. Probably one of my best highlights of the game, but as usual the entire event was fun!
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