Feedback: Nordisec Police

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 16
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Feedback: Nordisec Police

Post by Fillewarg » 12 Jul 2018, 00:22

Captain Wolf of Nordisec Police here.
Me and my officers would like to know what you guys that interacted
with us have to say and what you thought about our presence at this years berget.

It would also help alot with feedback on how we behaved and what you missed from us this year that we can bring next year.

Thanks for an overall great game!
Ps: our berget montage
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Re: Feedback: Nordisec Police

Post by GhostNL » 22 Jul 2018, 20:25

Not that we had so much to do with you. But I have to say. That is was always a big kick to see you drive up to our base. The swat type car was awesome to see and loved your outfits.

And hearing the sirenes gave it that extra kick. After seeing your YouTube vid I would love to see you next year and you are welcome to eat at our (NAF) kiosk as much as you want. :P

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Re: Feedback: Nordisec Police

Post by Gapperjack » 23 Jul 2018, 23:21

Loved every moment we interacted with you. You saved our asses twice during the game, so couldn't even hate you when you gunned us down at the end.
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