How I would balance sides + camo rules

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Re: How I would balance sides + camo rules

Post by JKangas » 02 Dec 2019, 07:05

Tiger_1 wrote:
28 Nov 2019, 20:30
I might also ad that it seems people have starter to treat the game as running from Wednesday to Friday evening, and use Saturday to pack and go home. This actually cuts a good portion of the game off, and I miss having a good show on Saturday.
This. It's one of the least fun aspects of the game: have it just fade away like a weekend skirmish where people pack their stuff and drive away unannounced, while others are guessing whether there's going to be an enemy to shoot at tomorrow. I really miss the epic finales of earlier Bergets, and wonder why and when leaving early became so commonplace? It only takes some rumors and hearsay about not having the finale, or hearing that the other guys have already packed up, and everyone starts questioning whether it makes sense to stay for Saturday.

6 hours of gametime on Saturday has IMO always been a nice opportunity to go all-out; long enough to get nice pitched battles, but not so long that you bonk out and tire completely. I'm not even touching the issue of allocating a sizable portion of yearly vacation days for Berget, and having it fizzle out before actual game-off.

If you need to pack up during the game, why not start packing during Friday evening (which traditionally has been the time to take it a bit easier in preparation for Sat morning finale), and finish up after game end?
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Re: How I would balance sides + camo rules

Post by The Engineer » 04 Dec 2019, 17:26

This year in TSTOS19 there were so little people playing on the last day that the organisers had shown thoughts that they would like to shorten the event to just three days.
Let's not make the same mistake here.
People come from really far away to play for the full event and if the trend continues BE might start getting the same thoughts that is personally a big turnoff.
Berget and TSTOS are unique milsim events because of their exceptionally long running time so let's cherish that <3
We and others put so much effort into this event so at least I want and will play through the full event all the way from the beginning to the victorious celebration or to the bitter end :)
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