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Whats New? Berget 18

Post by Arradin » 03 Nov 2019, 10:06

We are proud to announce the game setup, story and features for our upcoming game Berget 18 at the end of June 2021.

First off we want to thank our player community and commanders for all feedback from our previous games. It is thanks to you that we continue to evolve airsoft and the berget games into the future.

Here are some new things and updates for the 2021 years game.

Gameplay mechanics:

-This years game won't have any non-fighting teams and pure larp roles. All teams at Berget 18 will be fighting to achieve their goal.
-Some units will be able to set-up a "destroyable" vehicle repair and refuel station where vehicles can respawn faster.
-This year we will see the return of a pure "Special forces unit" where we will get back to our roots with a hardcore milsim playstyle. A series of tests will be done pree-game to qualify for this unit.
-Capture points will be fewer and some will be moved away from roads which will make them harder to capture with vehicles alone. Like last year there will be some moving objects on the map as well.
-The main story objects, "broken arrows" (nuclear warheads) will be heavy metal warheads with a GPS-tracker inside and visible for commanders on the online game-area map.
-Nuclear / Biohazard zone that can only be accessible with biohazard suit.

New Airsoft tech:

-A new upgraded version of last years attack reaper drones will be available for commanders and special units.
-Mine-worms with the ability to take out one minefield (3- 6 mines) in 20-30 seconds will be available to some special units.

Rule updates:

-Vehicles repairs in the field without repair stations will take longer time.
-A squad is now limited to maximum one engineer and two medics.
-Main battle tanks / APC´s will get more frontal protection from AT4 & Tow which means they will be harder to take out from the front.

These are only some of the changes, we will continue to review and update all rules and will update you on the forums for changes.

Vehicle Check-in:

Last year we performed a mandatory check-in of all ingame vehicles for safety reasons.We understand that it may have been perceived that this took to long. Therefore, we have chosen to simplify the process by having times for check-in and assembly of BAVS based on the vehicle's classification instead.

// Berget Crew
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