Qualification questions for Special Forces Berget 18 - 2020

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Qualification questions for Special Forces Berget 18 - 2020

Post by Bilbo » 26 Feb 2020, 09:08

All right, attention gentlemen.

It is time to select the chosen few that will have the chance to play in the Special forces unit. It was almost 10 years since last time, and we are surely excited to bring this hardcore milsim unit back to life.

Rules are simple, if you have a paid ticket to Special forces, just click the link below and answer the questions. You will need your Berget nickname and ticket-ID. And if you do not hear anything else from us before the 15th of march you are accepted into the unit and to the last physical test. We will contact all that fail the first stage of the selection process.

We will release the details of the physical test on the 16th of march and it will be held in Safezone location 23rd & 24th of June at the game area. Those who fail to complete the test will play in other friendly units and are not accepted into the unit. All players that complete the test will be taken to “Staging area” where preparations and planning will be done before game start.

If you fail the first or the second stage of selection, you will be able to play in any other unit with open slots.

Click below to anwser the questions.

Qualification questions

If there is any problems with using the form, just sum up your anwsers to info@berget-events.com

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