Berget cancelled

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Berget cancelled

Post by Viking#1 » 13 Mar 2020, 17:47

Since Berget 18 is cancelled, will there be a ticket refund.

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by BigDane » 13 Mar 2020, 20:52

Maybe a little early to cancel? Should you wait for May 1st and see what the situation is then?

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Panzergraf » 13 Mar 2020, 21:05

So people have to keep their summer plans in limbo until just before the game?
Better to cancel now, in my opinion. Gives people more certainty.

On the plus side, this gives us another year to whine and complain on the forum about rules and camouflage :D
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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Arradin » 13 Mar 2020, 21:16

More info will come regarding tickets etc, but no reason to be worried :)
Please send ticket & payment questions to:

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by TheSniper » 14 Mar 2020, 07:57

That's when we are guided by stupid shephards :(

They should have isolate the whole China when it started and quarantine everybody that transited out without giving a fu.

Now people run scared and watch their fellow like being infected.


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Lance Corporal
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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Dutchman » 16 Mar 2020, 12:00

Hi guys,

first of all I'd like to mention that, although it's a cr@p situation, I understand your decision.

I understand that this means a loss of income (probably even a negative balance) and offer a proposiotion regarding refunds of the tickets: give peeps the option to get a partial refund and if they choose this option, they get a price cut of the same ammount on next years ticket. That way the defficit for this year will not be as high, as you probably already paid some of your suppliers.

So for example: 200€ was paid, you refund 150€ and give a 50€-off voucher for next years ticket.

Just a thought...

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Archangel-17 » 16 Mar 2020, 13:26

Perhaps instead of jumping the gun we all should patiently await Bergets official announcement regarding tickets? They did say to await further news.

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Tango » Yesterday, 22:57

Further news is here no refund even if it is postpone unilaterally, does anyone could advise how to proceed legally to get the reimburment?

I understand the situation but I don't agree on the approach and my money being kept because someone decide it like that.

I'm sure that the Swedish law doesn't allow that...

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Tango » Yesterday, 23:23

By the way Berget Admins, don't block this forum or delete post as it is not offensive or discriminatory please :)

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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Windi^ » Today, 07:16

That is their way to handle everything. Lock, delete, sensor. Difficult and bad things will go away if you don't see them and play that those doesn't exist.

You should contact ECC (Europe, depending what country you are from, you should find that information). And the Swedish ARN:
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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by Crapgame » Today, 09:05

Im Fine with moving my ticket to next summer but due to all other things moving to next summer i need to know what dates Berget will be, since midsummer is later next year it would mean that if they do as almost always and place it after midsummer it will be in July. But since i have work related things that are moving i need to know now when to apply for vacay.
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Re: Berget cancelled

Post by NightSinner » Today, 09:10

If in doubt censor or lock.

Anyways not surprised really, just goes to prove what kind of people are running Berget.

In response to my email asking for a refund I go this reply:
You are receiving this email in response to your inquiry on a refund of your ticket for the postponed event Berget 18.

We have the last couple of weeks been working on a solution that will hopefully help the few of you that can't attend the proposed new date for Berget 18 in 2021. We are now looking to hold the event both in 2020 (at the original date) as well as on the postponed date in 2021.

In this scenario, the event of the original date (June 24th 2020) will deliver on all promised Berget features, but be downsized to accommodate all the current governmental restrictions.

This way we will be able to fulfill both our legal obligations while also giving all players the option to choose if they want to attend the 2020 or 2021 event.

More information and an official post will follow soon, but right now you have the option to either keep your ticket for the new date of Berget 18 in 2021 or attend the original date for a slightly modified Berget experience in 2020. 

Best Regards

Berget Events  
[/quote ]

So yeah a full on Berget game for 50 pax. :wank:

What a shitty way to deal with it, a generic cut and paste reply to the problem and locking the post otherwise.
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