Booking a ticket
Welcome to our Beginner's Guide to Berget Events!

This guide is made to explain all of the elements of the huge airsoft event that is Berget, all the way from booking a ticket to leaving the game area after the game. 
Since you are already here at the guide, we assume that you know what berget is, otherwise you can read more about it here.

Berget Events is not your typical weekend game. It's a 4 day long airsoft adventure taking place in an area over 3x3km large.
With this comes a need for you to prepare and equip yourself differently, and this is where this guide comes in.
Berget can be an overwhelming experience at first, so the more prepared you are - The more fun you and your friends will have!

Before booking a ticket

Before you book your ticket to the next Berget Event, the first step is to decide on what team you want to join. You can see the teams for Berget 18 here(Click me) Different teams have different requirements that you need to meet to be able to play on that specific team.
Some examples of team requirements are: Uniform type, Weapons and Playstyle.  Please read thru the requirements for the team you wish to join and make sure you are able to meet the requirements before booking a ticket. Also make sure to book on the same team as your friends if you want to play together.

Booking a ticket

Preparing for Berget
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Arriving at Berget
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During the Game
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