We are now accepting Main Commander applications!

If you feel that you are up for the task of commanding up to 1000 players, we want to hear from you!

Note: the position of General Fuentes is already filled but will be presented along with the other commanders.

To be able to qualify as a commander you must have previous berget experience. Leadership experience in both airsoft aswell as civilian life is merited. If you do not have experience but want to be a commander we still want to you to apply, and you may be placed in a leadership role at a smaller scale to get you the experience needed for future games.

To apply, send an email to with the subject "MAIN COMMANDER" and explain who you are. You will then be given a link to an application form. You dont need to email us your entire application - Just enough information so that we know who you are.

Applications need to be sent to us before December 16th, 2019

Good luck!

// Berget Crew

1000 tickets sold first 30 minutes! Some smaller teams are allready fully booked. 

The tickets for Berget 18 are now released! Get them at the Berget portal!


Berget 18 Tickets
Tonight we will release the tickets to this summer’s event, Berget 18. The tickets will be released on our Berget portal (Berget-Portal) at 20:00CET tonight. All tickets sold today will have a 20 Euro discount. If you don't have an account already you can prepare by register now.

Create an account/user in the Berget-Portal and fill in your personal details to be able to book the tickets when they are released. Be aware that the email address used will be the login and must be unique for each account.

You can also register accounts and book tickets for your friends by using their email addresses. When you have created the account, they can log-in using the same e-mail address and chose their password and administer their personal details.

Please note that you can not book tickets for people that have already created their own accounts, including accounts created in connection to Berget 17. If you have any questions regarding booking please email

// Best Regads Crew

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