Regarding tickets & refunds
Dear Berget participants,

Like most of you we were in shock over the incredibly fast development of the COVID-19 pandemic. We thought it fair to land in a decision and communicate it as fast as possible to give all of our participants a chance to reschedule their holiday plans and avoid (or cancel) any travelling arrangements to Berget this summer.

We have now had some more time to settle in the reality of the situation and think it's appropriate to explain our main reasoning behind the hard decision to for the first time ever postpone a Berget game.

Even though we hope the Swedish government lifts the ban on events and that the worst of the pandemic will be over in June, it would not have been without enormous costs, efforts and sacrifices from many involved countries and people. That would have made it extremely irresponsible of us to gather 1500+ people from all around the world, risking a potential resurge of the virus and spreading it back to the 40+ countries from which we have participants.

The last couple of weeks we have been discussing with all major stakeholders connected to the event such as land owners, municipalities, partner companies, etc. We have also considered our economic situation including rental agreements, leases and already paid costs related to the event. Our priority has been to reach a decision that will enable us to continue to organize events in the future and thereby secure the future of our part in multinational airsoft.

We want to make it clear that the game Berget 18 is not canceled, but postponed to the summer of 2021 due to events out of our control. All current ticket holders will retain their tickets (and optional extras) to the event in 2021, and to ensure the continuation of Berget we will not be performing any refunds.

We understand that this decision will create problems for those of you that will not be able to join the event in 2021, and we are sorry for the inconvenience and possible economic loss. We are also aware that the pandemic is creating huge economic problems for both companies and people.

There will however still be the option to sell the ticket second hand to new participants of Berget 18 in 2021 which hopefully will give you the possibility to get back most of your investment in a Berget 18 ticket.

We are truly thankful for the incredible amount of love and support we have received from many of our players and partners. It's been an extremely hard decision for us to postpone them game and take the actions that we consider in the best interest of the long time continuation of Berget games. Stay safe, and we will make sure Berget 18 2021 is worth waiting an extra year for!