The final news

Dear friends & players.

Time is ticking down and we will see you very soon!
It will be fun to meet everyone and we will do everything in our power to ensure that it is as fun as possible for everyone involved in the game.
Since we have not had a game for a few years, Crew is a bit rusty and there are a lot of new players, which means that it may not flow as well as usual, but together we can help create an unforgettable Berget experience.

We would like to remind you of a few things:

It will be hot! 28-30 degrees and sun all week. Drink water and always bring extra water and fluid replacement (Resorb). Buy the strongest sunscreen.
When it is hot you can get skin irritations in intimate areas. Buy zinc paste / inotyol for it (Can be found at local pharmacies).

2. You who are on your first Berget game, read the beginners guide on our website and do not forget to follow instructions from Crew and commanders.

3. If you feel that you still have not goten answers for all your questions, or have concerns regarding for example sleeping arrangements in tents or anything else - Do not worry! Reach out to crew on site and we will make sure to fix your problems when possible.

4. Given the current world situation, we must all show respect for each other regardless of nationality or origin. We are here to have fun and meet old and new friends from all over the world.

We will take very seriously on provocative gestures or symbols that relate to real world conflicts such as Z-symbols, and provocative flags. Use common sense and think about the current situation in Europe. If you perceive something as disturbing, contact Berget Crew and we will help further. Do not take the discussion with other players yourself if you think it will lead to a conflict.

Berget Events stands for peace, freedom, friendship and democracy.

A warm welcome to Berget 18!

// Berget Crew

Berget 18 Official map out!
Here is the official gamearea-map for download. If you did not order the rip-stop version from Berget, make sure to print and bring this i a3 format or have in your phone.

download map here