It's time to announce our final main commander for Berget 18.

This time it's the Commander/High priest for the yellow CROWS, who will be played by Ole 'Losolos' Singer.

Some words from Ole:

Dear fellow sisters and brothers of the great CROW church, my name is Ole Singer, callsign Losolos i will lead you throu this stormy days when Fuentes and GFC forces bring war in our motherland. We will give them a fight that they will remember years in the future.
The mighty CROW will help us and protect you when you believe. Our enemys will congeal in fear when they see what the CROW can do !
If you want to lead a group of our great fighters please contact me.

Ole is another Berget veteran with plenty of games under his belt, and we are very excited to see him step up and take a leading role with this years fanatics of the crows!

Good luck Ole!

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It's time to announce our second main commander för Berget 18

This time its the Blue GCT Leader who will be played by Berget Veteran Brian 'Xray' Jørgensen

Some words from Brian:

Hi every one, I have been fortunate to be selected as Commander of GCT for Berget 18. This is my first year as top Commander, but my 10th year at Berget. Some of you probably know me from the last two years where I have helped and been a part of HQ on blue site. I have been playing Airsoft for about 23 years now and must say that I have fallen more for the strategy than for the game itself. That's why I thought it was obvious to apply for the role of commander this year and help give you all a great experience on the battlefield.
This year, HQ will consist of staff from last year, but also a few new people. I'm really looking forward to a good game with a lot of collaboration between companies and platoons. If you are up for any HQ, company or platoon role, then don’t hesitate to contact me on PM, my nickname at the forum is Xray.
See you all at Berget

If you have any questions for Brian you can reach him on the forums by his username 'xray'

Good luck Brian! 

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Hello everyone, and Happy new year!

To start off the new year we have selected the main commanders for Berget 18

We will introduce them one by one.

First out is Red teams 'General Fuentes' himself, which once again will be played by Igoris 'igariokas' Ruginis!
Some words from the general:

Hello to all Berget attendees. I am Igoris “Igariokas” Ruginis, and I will play General Fuentes in upcoming game.

This is my second time playing General, I was commanding Red faction last year, and some smaller teams before that. This will be my 9th Berget in a row, and I am really excited, this game will be very, very good. With all technical things and people attending, it will definitely be one of the best games one can attend. This year our HQ and Berget crew will as usual try to do everything we can to deliver excellent game to everyone.

Do not forget, that each and every of team member is adding to the game setting, game scenario and action. I really rely upon everyone of you in helping me and all the team to have a great game. If you have an idea you think worth implementing, or a role you think you are professional at, contact me via PM at the forums..

Please play by the rules, take you hits, kick some ass, get yours kicked. It is not a competition, just have fun and add to common fun level.

See you there,
General Fuentes

Igoris together with his HQ did a fantastic job last year, and we are very excited to see him in the same position for next game aswell!

If you have a paid ticket for the red team, you can contact Igoris on the forums by his username 'igariokas'

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