If you are hit, loudly and clearly shout HIT or MEDIC. Immediately lay down and stay down for 10 minutes until healed or dead.

In large firefights when you are shot, there can be several hundred people involved in the firefight. That means that when you are shot and laying on the ground other opponents that arrives to scene shoots you again without knowing you are hit. This is avoided by raising and waving with a "wounded-flag". All players must be able to produce their wounded-flag. Bring several wounded flags since these are often lost. You will be warned if you fail to show your wounded-flag while being shot in-game.

NOTE! You must bring your own wounded-flag to Berget and it must be orange. Make sure the size is at least 30x20 cm. You must pull it out of your pocket/vest when waiting for a medic.

Speaking after being hit you may not use your radio or speak while you're waiting for medic or bleeding out. You can only shout "medic" or "hit".

Downed soldiers may also be moved by carrying or dragging them; to some degree, the wounded soldier may move under their own steam, but only if supported by a comrade. They may not use their weapon.

You may not move from the place where you were shot, although if you are in the line of fire you may crawl into cover but remember to shout HIT and wave with your "wounded-flag again if you are shot when wounded.

We want to emphasize the importance of remaining still after being shot, rather than sauntering around with your weapon on your head to observe the battle. After bleeding out, go to the nearest friendly re-spawn.

NOTE! It's forbidden to use a gun when carried or carrying a downed soldier.
When a player is hit, after shouting MEDIC or HIT, the medic has 10 minutes to begin treatment. If this fails, the player is eliminated and has to go to respawn.

If the medic reaches the downed player within 10 minutes they can treat them, by symbolically applying a field dressing. The dressings should be white, and may easily be made from an old sheet ripped into suitable pieces. It must take at least two minutes (count to 120 sec) to apply the dressing.

A medic should have a white armband with a red cross. Civilian medics do not need this armband.

NOTE! It will count as cheating if no dressing is applied when healing. All shot players must wear the wounded-flags at all time until respawning or healing has been completed.
Only one field dressing can be applied to a single player, on being shot a second time they are eliminated and must proceed to the respawn. Knife kills are instant "death", and the player cannot be treated.

A medic can't apply a field dressing to him or herself, of course another medic can heal an injured medic with a field dressing. A medic may carry a maximum of 20 field dressings, but may resupply at the BASE, SP or Respawn. Make sure you have enough dressings to resupply!
A field hospital is a mobile tent with medic symbol and team flag on it. The tent can be carried by players into position near a enemy location. When the tent is completely setup, it works like a mobile respawn where players can respawn and medics can restock their bandages. This is not affected by capture points system.

You can destroy enemy Field hospitals by packing everything down into the field hospital backpack and bring it back to your HQ, but you can not use it for your team.

NOTE! There are only 1-3 field hospitals per team. Make sure to keep them safe.
The Respawn is one of the most important rules in the game. On being eliminated, you must proceed immediately to your re-spawn where you will wait for up to 29 minutes before you can re-spawn and rejoin the game every full hour and a half. It is at all times "off-game" inside the re-spawn & Safe-zone.

For example: If you arrive at the respawn at 12: 59 you have to wait for one minute until you can rejoin the game. The guy arriving two minutes later has to wait until the clock strikes 13: 30 until he can rejoin the game. Time is counted upon entering the safe zone, not when you were eliminated.

Respawns are located close to your base area and they are always located near & visible from roads or tracks. There will be a red/yellow or white tape around the re-spawn. There will be a clock in the re-spawn to help you keep track of time. Each team has a clearly marked re-spawn; if you are unsure about anything, as always, ask a marshal. If you are not out of play you may never fire into or out of the respawn. For this reason, weapons must always be on safe and either holstered or unloaded while in the respawn.

All re-spawns are time controlled, meaning that you can only re-spawn every whole and half hour. If you are not out of play you may never fire into or enter the re-spawn; inside, eye protection should be used at all times. There should never be any kind of siege on enemy re-spawn locations.

  • Certain VIPs, LARPs & officers (coy leader or above) will have a double-length re-spawn time (Respawns only whole hours). 
  • Vehicles do not re-spawn in the same way, they are returned to base-area or Safe zone, where they are considered repaired after being unused for 2 hours.

NOTE! You cannot use the respawn in your base if the base is under attack (Enemy forces inside base). You need to use secondary respawn marked on map further away from base.
A Capture Point (CP) is a totem/building or object within a district. Taking control of all Capture Points in a district gives you control of it. The one controlling a District receives all in-game advantages it may give you and you are able to respawn in the vicinity. Districts can only be taken over if at least one neighboring district is under control. Home bases counts as districts and can never be taken over by opposing faction.

Berget Area Control System (B.A.C.S.) Berget Area Control System is a live digital GSM/Satellite system over watching the game area. It keeps track of which faction is controlling the CPs. B.A.C.S. will be available for all players with an internet connection and smartphone/laptop. There will also be a screen available in each base connected to the B.A.C.S.

Check out an example here: 

How to take control of a Capture Point (CP): These instructions will be posted next to the Capture Point during game.

Claim: Inside the Capture Point you have to push a button with the color of your faction. This marks your presence in the area. (A signal will be sent to B.A.C.S to mark your presence publicly)

Verify: Then, you have to defend the Capture Point for 30 min and push the button again. It will light up to indicate 30 min has passed. When pushed for the second time, the Capture Point is yours! (A signal will be sent to B.A.C to update the area as Claimed.) NOTE! You have only 60 sec to verify, otherwise, the Capture Point goes back to Claim-mode.

Mark: When the button is pushed the second time the Capture Point is yours. You can now raise the flag for your faction to visually mark this. At the same time, the Capture Point will be electronically marked with the verified team color.
Some TP (tactical points) and SP (supply points) will be heavily fortified bunkers and can only be eliminated with the BAVS system or by shooting everyone inside. The Bunkers are constructed to be easily defended and the best way to eliminate everyone on the inside is to shoot the BAVS sensor on top of the bunker to simulate a penetrating hit killing everyone on the inside. We will use the same system as with the vehicles. Different objects and vehicles may be more or less hard to destroy.

One group of players comes across a bunker where enemies are heavily dug in. They engage and sustain heavy losses. One of the players finds himself in a position where he can engage the bunkers sensor with his BAVS AT4 or BAVS 40mm grenade launcher. He shoots and hears a beep upon hitting the IR sensor mounted on a pole one meter above the roof of the bunker. At the same time inside the bunker the players see upon their LED display that they have been hit and bunker has lost hit points. After several more hits the players inside the bunker see on the bunkers LED display that the bunker has received a penetrating hit and everyone on the inside are dead.

A penetrating hit is when the bunker has lost all its hit points. This message about the penetrating hit is enhanced by flashing lights and a long beeping sound. Upon getting this message all the players inside the bunker need to put on their death rags and exit the bunker towards their closest respawn. The bunker now needs to be recaptured to function. Players taking over the bunker need to hold down a button on the inside to successfully capture it. The bunker may not be used unless your team has captured it. The destruction and capturing of the bunker has been wirelessly monitored and gamemaster HQ will get the information by GSM transmitter.

Players killed inside a bunker by a penetrating hit cannot be healed by a medic and must proceed to respawn.

NOTE! Explosives may not be used to take out a bunker and will have no effect.
You will be able to make a great deal of damage to your enemy's support and tactics by sneaking in and sabotaging their Fuel and Ammo depot that will be located in close proximity to their base. If you find this point it will be marked by ammo boxes and fuel containers. Successfully destroying a FAD does not only bring great advantage to your team but also great honor to the group that succeeds in this task!

Destroy the FAD by capturing it, push the button (same as on CPs) and hold for 30 mins, then push the button again. 

NOTE! The Fuel and Ammo depot can only be destroyed during 09:00 and 03:00, it will be off game at the same time as the base.
Airsoft is not a competition. There are no winners or losers. The true spirit of airsoft is team-spirit & fellowship. Nevertheless, there are always a few dishonest people who try to cheat. We ask that all players avoid rules discussions in the game area, if there is something you feel really has to be discussed talk to a game master or trustee.

On many games there is always some gossip about players and teams not taking hits or behaving in a non-honorable manner. Unless you have solid proof keep this information to yourself and if you should tell anyone, tell your fellow game master. Still we cannot keep our eyes on everyone and cannot and don't want to control the flow of the game, this is all your responsibility. Take pride in taking hits when you get struck by a BB. You can get back to the game after re-spawning.

Crew and game masters will however investigate any suspicions and ban players not following our rules. We find it better that you forgive and forget your fellow airsofters transgressions and keep on having fun rather than focusing on people acting wrongfully or badly. Remember that you are representing your country and/or region when you come to Berget-games, how you act and interact with the global airsoft community will define how you are perceived. This is a great responsibility that should not be taken lightly.

NOTE! We consider argues about people not takings hits as bad as the cheating itself. DO NOT, argue or curse other players if they are not taking hits. Talk to a game-master! Starting an argument can lead to a ban from the game. (And remember: it is better to take one hit too many than one too few.)
Sometimes you need to test your gun to make sure it functions properly. Before doing this, you must scream "TEST FIRE". This is to avoid mistakes of "enemy" fire. All bases should have a shooting-range for test firing. If not, help your commander by asking where and then set one up.
To differentiate between the various groups in the game, players will have various armbands & uniform elements. You can read about the requirements under the section "teams".

You will have to buy or create your own armband. When constructing your own armband, it must be at least 11 cm (4.3 inch) wide and have your individual team-number and unit-name visible in black. Players without correct armbands won't be allowed into the game-area. Correct armbands with your individual team number and unit-name can be bought when booking your ticket and received at game-area check-in.

Do not create your armband until you have received your individual "Armband-id". The armband-id is not the same as your ticket-id! You will receive it when you book your ticket, if buying a second hand ticket please ask Berget-events or the seller for correct armband-id.

This is the example of armband with player number and unit-name.

All players need to follow their team requirements for uniform and armbands.

Follow this link for more detailed information regarding what camo and uniforms that are viable for the different factions.

Camo guidelines here

* Check the uniform thread in our forum for questions.

You have to make a secondary armband if you are a "in game" medic or engineer. This should be worn on your right arm and the "team-armband" on your left. This armband should be in the same size as the "team-armband".

This is the engineer symbol.
This is the medic symbol.

Any questions about this should be sent to info@berget-events.com

NOTE! Only snipers wearing ghillie suits may use their armband on their legs.
During Berget games most players will be playing in teams and groups using a command structure. This means that you and your friends will play a part in bigger groups called a "Platoon" and "Company".

You will have a squad-leader and he/she will have leaders above him passing down information and missions during the game. It is important that you listen and follow the orders and directions from your squad leader or platoon leader. Most missions during the game will be platoon sized.

As soon as you arrive at your "Base-area" make sure your squad leader reports your presence to your "platoon leader". He can direct you where to sleep etc.

NOTE! If you have problems with taking part in some duty or mission, remember to inform your squad leader about this. If you feel ill or tired, there is no shame in taking a rest and skip a mission.
To help friendly players to identify their officers and to be able to add interesting missions to the enemy. We are using a mandatory officer marking system.

We will provide this to all officers Plt, Coy and Bat. However Squad Leaders are allowed to create their own marking if it follows the w / h and looks as the picture for squad leader below and have the same color as your team armband.

This is the officer markings.

The marking must be put on the left arm or on the chest. It will have a velcro-side. The marking must be your team color in w 10 x h 4 cm. You must wear your officer marking at all times.

NOTE! It is forbidden to steal, borrow or use an officer patch if you are not a commander with that rank. All officer patches shall be returned to Safe-zone HQ after the game.

Download the rules here.
At Berget games there will be obligated chroning at check in, please get all your guns to the check-in before the game. Also, chroning will be done if we suspect cheating or as a result of player complaints. It is every player's responsibility to follow the rules, and make sure that their guns are chroned according to the appropriate gun classes. 8mm BB's are allowed and will be chroned with a separate sheet.
If you have a HPA-gun, you need to bring a Tournament Lock. The lock for pressure (at your tanks regulator) is vital to play at all, and the lock for selector is needed if you want to play with velocity above 130 m/s. We will provide with some Locks on site but we can't guarantee to have them all.

If you want to play as a sniper your gun must look like a sniper rifle with scope and bipod, no mp5/uzi/m4/ak47 etc with scope is allowed as sniper.

Semi-snipers 5,56, 6,5 7,62 etc, are only allowed to be tuned to max class 4 (Se class list in chroning/saftey distances)

Bolt action snipers are allowed to be tuned to class 4-6.

NOTE! The only Semi-snipers to qualify to class 5 & 6 are Barrett m82, OSV-96, AR-50, CheyTac 50 BMG and other 50.cal snipers alike.
Support weapons are divided into 2 classes, support weapons and light support weapons. Both need to be fitted with bipod and Box/drum/cmag.

Support weapons,(RPK, PKM, PKM versions M240, M249, M60, MK43, Mg3 etc) are allowed to be tuned to class 4 (see list above)

Light support weapons (KAC LMG, Stoner mk23, L86,HK23, MG36, G36 etc) are allowed to be tuned to max class 2 (see list above).

NOTE! No small guns (mp5/uzi/g36c/Ump etc) are allowed as light support weapons.
In general, all magazines must be lo-cap (no more than 100 rounds). There are no restrictions on the number of magazines you may carry. Highcaps and midcaps with capacity over 100 are strictly forbidden. If you have a weapon where lo-caps are unavailable, mark your magazines with blue tape saying "RAL" and load no more than the limits above.

* Sniper weapons are limited to max 30 rounds.

Light support weapons (KAC LMG, Stoner mk23, L86,HK23, MG36, G36 etc) may use C-mags limited to 500 rounds.

Support weapons (RPK, PKM, PKM versions, M240, M249, M60, MK43, Mg3) 3000-5000 round/mag.

To summarize: Standard: Max 100 rounds/mag. Snipers: Max 30 rounds/mag.
Light Support Weapon (KAC LMG, Stoner mk23, L86,HK23, MG36, G36 etc) : Max 500 rounds/mag. Drum or box mag. Support Weapon (RPK, PKM, M240, M249, M60, MK43, Mg3): 3000-5000 round/mag. Drum or box mag.

NOTE! For game balance purposes, the RPK light support weapon will count as a full support weapon for purposes of trim, magazines etc. This is an exception to the normal rules, and applies only if the weapon is an actual RPK (original or AK conversion; key features include bipod, long barrel, RPK stock) - an AK47 with a drum mag and bipod will not count. It should be noted that magazines with more than 100 rounds must still be drum or box style - no "ordinary-style" hi caps. KAC LMG, Stoner mk23 do not need to be fitted with bipods.
In addition to any ammunition carried in magazines, you may carry up to 1200 rounds (5000 for support gunners) to reload in the field. You can top up your ammunition allowance in your home base, Safe-zone or while re-spawning. There is no limit on reloading ammo you may store at your base.

NOTE! It should be noted that the 1200 (5000) rounds are per player, not per weapon.
There will be both military and civilian vehicles moving around in-game. These may be friendly or hostile and may be fired upon. Their crew or drivers may be eliminated by BBs alone if the vehicle has their windshields down or are open vehicles like ATV's or Jeeps. Personnel sitting in the back of a pick-up truck apply to normal hit rules. To avoid people from shooting out from small glitches in the windshield and the close the window to be protected when fired upon, vehicles that want to shoot out of their windshields must keep their windshields down to the lowest point and secure the glass with black or OD duct tape so they may not be raised. 

NOTE! You may never open a door to an in-game vehicle to shoot or throw a grenade into it. 

To avoid friendly fire or misunderstandings, all participants bringing a in-game vehicle have to mark their vehicle with the TEAM-color on the front windshield and with a small flag (40x20cm). 

All ordinary civilian vehicles are considered as light vehicles. You will need to hit the vehicle with a BAVS, AT4, RPG or 40mm to eliminate it. 

Vehicles are divided into different classes with different amount of hit-points. You can recognize the armor level on the stick of the BAVS receiver. One line of yellow = one hit, two lines of yellow two hits etc. 

Class 1 ............... Light vehicle .................................... 1 hit-point 

Class 3 ............... Armoured fighting vehicle .................. 3 hit-points 

Class 5 ............... Heavy armoured vehicle / Tanks ......... 5 hit-points 

Civ/Light vehicles/Technical: Can have mounted weapon. If mounted weapon, there can only be a front protective plate, MAX 90° protection. Protection plate is not mandatory. No other requirements.

Armoured fighting vehicle: Must have mounted weapon with at least front and side protection. Vehicle and turret must have "protective plates" on sides and front. Vehicle must overall be visually improved to look "armoured".

Heavy armoured vehicle: Must be large vehicle with at least 6 wheels or track. Must have protective plates on all sides and windows. Must have mounted gun. Vehicle must overall be visually improved to look "armoured". (This class is hard to obtain! Send picture before you start building to get pre-approved.)

No remote controlled turret is allowed in any vehicle regardless of armor class.

NOTE! Mounted guns are not affected by weapon-hits. You must take out the vehicle with BAVS or hit the gunner.

In-game vehicles may not travel at more than 30 kph. Only authorized drivers may drive vehicles during the game, and only those vehicles that have been assigned to them. It is strictly prohibited to just get in a vehicle and drive off. Game master vehicles and other off-game vehicles will be flying an orange flag.

Vehicle elimination
All vehicles in-game must be mounted with the BAVS 2.0 or 3.0 IR system (Berget Anti Vehicle System) this can be bought or rented from Berget. If you want to bring an in-game vehicle contact info@berget-events.com with a picture to get it approved. (ATVs, motorcycles and vehicles where the driver is unprotected does not need a BAVS mounted)

When a vehicle is eliminated by an AT-weapon, ONLY the driver must take a hit (can be healed by medic), the rest of the players inside of the vehicle can choose to be eliminated or leave the "burning" vehicle within 20 seconds. If not, all players inside are considered "eliminated", must raise their wounded flags and return to respawn. You cannot shoot from a vehicle that is eliminated by AT-weapons, a eliminated vehicle must turn off their engine and stay on the same spot for 10 minutes (burnout) before returning to respawn/repair station. However, the vehicle can be moved immediately by applying the Towing-rule.

If a vehicle is eliminated by mines or BAVS, while blocking the road the driver must stay in the vehicle to be ready to move the car to the side of the road so off-game/crew vehicles can pass at any time. This is a safety matter! NOTE! All destroyed/off-game vehicles must show this clearly by having orange flags on both sides of the vehicle.

The eliminated vehicle can be repaired by an engineer (60 min repair time, the repairs must be made from the outside of the vehicle) or return to respawn flying an orange flag or marking, to indicate that they are off-game. The vehicle should raise orange flag during repair time.

After the 10 minutes burnout time the vehicle can also choose to drive back to base offgame and respawn in base. Respawn time in base is 2 hours. 

To balance out the power of in-game vehicles, we will increase the field repair time to 60 minutes for an engineer to repair a vehicle in the field. If more engineers are available a maximum of two can work on the vehicle to reduce the field repair time to a minimum of 45 minutes.

NOTE! The driver respawns with the vehicle. 

Vehicle repair station (VRS)
Engineers can build a repair station to quickly repair damaged vehicles. With the station operational the engineers can repair, refuel and restock ammo for any friendly vehicles.   

The repair station consists of an props pallet and a sign. The station must be placed on a road or in close proximity to a road. Respawn time with an engineer is 10 minutes. Only one vehicle can be respawn at a time. Vehicles must be towed to the repair station and park within 2 meters of the sign/pallet. 

NOTE! Only one Repair station can be placed at a time, and it can be destroyed with a single TNT or mortar strike (if an exact position can be pinpointed on the map) by enemy forces. A destroyed sign will be raised and the VRS must be returned to base and be respawned for 6 hours. Place it and camoflauge it well (VRS signs and props must be visable from road). 

NOTE! Can only be built by certain units. 

There is an option to "tow" a vehicle to a safe location for repairs or to move an enemy vehicle out of the road. Which means that a symbolic rope should be tied between the vehicles and the "damaged" vehicle can be moved out of harm's way. The symbolic rope must be disconnected before the vehicles starts to move, to avoid injury. There is no maximum travel distance for towing a vehicle.

The towing rope should only be symbolic and for safety reasons the player initiating the towing should walk between the two vehicles with a rope and a marker/flag "TOW-LINE" on the middle of the "rope/line". The minimum time is 2 minutes to get the vehicle ready to be towed.

The "towed" vehicle should of course be driven by its dedicated driver while moving, the tow wire must be removed before driving. The vehicles must move at a slow walking pace while towing (5-7 km/h) and 5-10 m between the vehicles. All vehicles playing at Berget should have a symbolic towing-line/rope inside the car to be able to use this rule.

The vehicles involved in the towing procedure must have a sign in their windshields, it will be provided by BE at vehicle check-in. 

The driver of the damaged vehicle is considered off-game while moving to repair location. You can stop the towing by destroying the in-game vehicle.
Some factions will have access to a limited amount of parachute drops. When the commander orders a parachute drop, the designated players will be driven by crew in an off-game vehicle to the appointed drop zone. All parachuted players may be shot upon immediately after exiting the vehicle. Therefore great care should be taken into account while planning the drop zone. The opposing faction will also get a 3 min notice if the drop is planned in close vicinity of their base.
If there is a helicopter in-game, it is strictly prohibited to shoot against the helicopter for safety reasons. You can disable it by using one of the IR-weapons issued by Berget-Events. Players may not touch or get into a landed helicopter. It is strictly forbidden to run under the helicopters while it is landing or in flight in close proximity to the ground.
During Berget Games you can encounter real tracked tanks and armoured vehicles. They will Always have a GM or Trustee inside and the crew can be identified by their yellow crew armband or crew west / helmet. They are OFF-GAME, do not shoot at the crew! Tanks and Armoured vehicles can only be eliminated by BAVS system.

When tanks have to go offroad, turn or reverse, one of the crew will make sure that the terrain around is clear. When encountering a tank, it is every players responsibility to keep a safe distance from the tanks. It is absolutely prohibited to climb or stand or lay in the path or vicinity of a moving tank under any circumstances regardless if you are in- or offgame, on foot or in a vehicle.

Tanks have a reinforced active armour, Anti-Tank weapons only have a 33% chance to penetrate the armor and damage the tank. If the tank is hit but no damage is dealt, the bavs will indicate a different light and no-penetration-hit audio sequence than when its damaged.

40mm grenades does little to no damage to tanks. You must use AT4 or TOW launchers.

Tanks can be equipped with a visible minesweeper in the front of the vehicle, which can instantly clear 3 lines of mines before the minesweeper is destroyed. The minesweeper can be re-equipped at home base only.

Tanks also have access to high explosive (HE) fragmentation grenades. With these grenades, the tanks can shoot against visible infantry up to 100m away. These grenades work like artillery strikes, and have an area of effect where people are injured or killed. The effect of the shots will be decided by the crew GM who determines who are hit or killed. Taking cover reduce the risk of taking damage while running or standing up increase the chance of being hit.

The tank can continue to shoot as long as they can pinpoint infantry possitions throgh the tank sight.

The GMs decision on who is hit or not is final without any discussion.
The AT-weapons is built upon a IR-encrypted system similar to the military SIMFIRE system. They can shoot up to 60 meters in daylight and even further at night.

All vehicles in-game will be mounted with the BAVS 2.0 - 3.0 IR system (Berget anti vehicle system) this can be bought or rented from Berget. If you want to bring a in-game vehicle contact info@berget-events.com (ATVs, motorcycles and vehicles where the driver is unprotected does not need a BAVS mounted)

The AT4 / RPG have 10 shots with a 15-second reload time between shots fired. When it's ready to fire it will show in the led display on the gun, you can also see how many rockets you have left. The AT weapon must be reloaded by a Game-master in your base HQ with special key.

The AT4's will be handed out by each team's commander during special missions and needs to be signed for, you will also get training how to use it.

When shooting a Tank or Vehicle, if range is more than 20 meter you can aim in the middle of the vehicle and score a hit. At close range, aim at the sensor mounted on the roof.

Tanks have 5 hit-points, Non armored vehicles have 1-3 hit-point. If you score one wounding hit you can hear a short alarm sound. A destroyed vehicle will have longer 10 second alarm.

The BAVS 40mm grenade works in the same way as the AT4 but it deals only half the amount of damage. For example if you shoot at a bunker with an AT4 and it is destroyed after three hits you will need five or more hits with a 40mm grenade to successfully penetrate the bunker. In favor of the 40mm grenade its very light and it reloads faster than the AT4. On the downside the 40mm cannot penetrate the armor of a tank.

NOTE! Try to protect the AT-weapons from rain and water. If soaked they can stop working. Also keep the lens free from dust & dirt until firing.
Infantry weapon hits count as normal hits if the player is holding the weapon at the time. Car mounted support guns are not affected by weapon-hits. You must take out the vehicle with B.A.V.S or hit the gunner.
Knife kills are used when silence is important. Sneak up behind your target, gently place your hand on their back and whisper "Knife kill". The unfortunate target must then silently lie down. They are considered dead, and as such return to the safe zone after laying down quiet for 10 minutes. There is no bleed-out period. Players in the process of bleeding out may be put out of their misery by a knife kill.

NOTE!!! You may NOT use real, rubber or LARP-style latex knives.

Civilians cannot be knifekilled, instead knockout is used to knock another player unconscious rather than killing them. The victim becomes unconscious for five minutes and must lie completely still on the ground. They may not call out. Sneak up behind your target, tap them lightly on the head and say "knockout". This symbolizes thumping your victim with a rifle butt or other blunt instrument. The target wakes up again five minutes later with no ill effects. This rule is also suited for neutralizing difficult civilians or sentries wanted for interrogation. Those who have been knocked out have no memory of the time they were unconscious. People wearing helmets cannot be knocked out.
Berget Games does not have friendly fire, and players are not allowed to purposly act against their own team either directly by shooting or knifekilling player on their own team, or indirectly by giving away information that would give your team an disadvantage. Example: Giving away the code printed on a SAM Site, or give enemies access to secret chats, maps, gps systems etc.
NOTE: You must always take your hits regardless where the shot came from, but as always do not argue - Report to a GM if you feel that a rule has been broken and continue playing as normal.

This rule does not effect Civilians players.
There are different types of mines and minefields you can run into during Berget games.

Different Minefields

Static Minefields
Static Minefields are minefields that has been pre-defined by Berget Events, and will be displayed on maps prior to game start. These minefields will be marked on site with Tape ( Usually Yellow/Black ) and signs warning that it is a Minefield. You are not allowed to cross static minefields either on foot or in vehicles, as they consist of both Anti Vehicle and anti-personel mines. Static Minefields cannot be defused/cleared, but special missions may be created to clear a path thru the minefield.
Walking into a static minefield is considered suicide, and you are instantly killed. Crossing a static minefield may be considered cheating.

Dymanic Minefields
Dynamic Minefields are minefields that are placed by players. They are placed by Engineers and can be defused by engineers. The mines are made of wood, are in OD Green color and may be booby trapped. They are visually placed on top of the ground on roads against vehicles. Mines may not be burried, covered or hidden. The main purpose of a Dymanic minefield is not to disable vehicles, but rather to create roadblocks to halt enemy mechanized movements.

Placing Mines / Creating Minefields

Minefields may be created by either sides engineers at any time and any location without needing pre-approval. Placing mines is instant, but only engineers can place them by putting them open and visible on the ground. Mines may not be hidden, burried or covered in any way, and must be visible to drivers.
A road is considered Mined when it is covered by three (3) Mines covering the WIDTH of the road. There may be any number of mines placed to block one road , aslong as atleast 3 mines are placed to cover the width of the road .
Example: You may place mines 3 x 3 x 3 along the lenght of the road aslong as it maintain 3 in width to stretch across the entire road. A road that has less than 3 mines over the width of the road is not considered mined.

Clearing Dynamic Minefields
Engineers may defuse dynamic minefields at any time. This is done by engineers keeping one hand on the mine for 2 minutes. Only one mine per engineer can be cleared at one time ( Cannot have one hand each on two mines ), and only one engineer can work on one mine at a time. ( 2 engineers on one mine will still require 2 minutes ). A minefield is not cleared and cannot be crossed until ALL Mines have been cleared. A mined road ( 3 mines over the width ) is NOT considered cleared by only removing one mine.

Booby Trapped Mine
Some mines can/May be trapped. Those mines have an alarm under the mine designed to start beeping or making an alarm sound when you lift them up. When an alarm on a mine go off for any reason, everyone within 3m of the mine is considered HIT and follow normal HIT Rules. A booby trapped mine that goes of does not damage nearby vehicles. An engineer may carry a maximum of 10 mines, and only one of these 10 may be booby trapped, but mines may have "fake booby traps" on them, for example visible wires. Mines can only be carried and used by Engineers! 

Vehicles hit by mines:
If a vehicle drives over a mined road, Normal hit rules applies. Just as if it was destroyd by BAVs. When a vehicle is eliminated by a mine, ONLY the driver must take a hit (can be healed by medic), the rest of the players inside of the vehicle can chose to be eliminated or leave the "burning" vehicle within 20 seconds. If not, all players inside are considered "eliminated", must raise their wounded flags and return to respawn.
An eliminated vehicle must be moved to the side of the road to allow offgame or crew vehicls to pass, but the road is then considered as BLOCKED until the eliminated vehicle is towed away ( See special Rules ), or is repaired or respawn.
NOTE: It is absolutely prohibited to drive around a minefield or a vehicle disabled my mines. Vehicles must always stay on the road, and may never use the ditch to try to pass around obsticles for safety reasons.

The Mines:

Anti-Vehicle Mine:
The mines are made of wood/playwood. They are 30-50cm wide and maximum 20cm in height, and consist of two layers of wood - One wide circle and one small circle of top of it. They may NOT have any sharp edges and must be easy as safe to drive over by any kind of vehicle. They must be OD GREEN in color.

Anti-Personel Mine:
Mines may be found in the game area, and you will notice if you set one off. Anyone within three meters of a detonating mine is considered hit, and should react accordingly. Only engineers may disarm mines. There are beeping mines, BB-shooting mines and mines with small pyrotechnic effect. All inflict a "hit" injury.

NOTE! All retail gas/spring/bungee/electrical mines and grenades are ok. Home-made stuff must be tested by crew at check in. No burning things are allowed.

Anti-Mine weapons

Mine worm

The mine worm is a long wire equipped with small explosives. The weapon can be used to quickly clear the road from mines. Engineers place the mine worm and light a fuse, detonating the chain of explosives and the mines clearing the road. 

(The provided wire has clamps that shall be fastened to every mine in a minefield. The engineer can drag the mines off the road after a small pyro explosion and vehicles can pass directly after the explosion.) The mineworm needs to be resuplied after 1 use by rearming at home base before next use.

NOTE! The mine worm are provided by BE and will be delivered to "some" engineers by BE (It is not allowed to bring on your own).

Mine Flail
A mine flail is a vehicle-mounted device with steel chains that makes a safe path through a mine-field by deliberately detonating landmines in front of the vehicle that carries it.

The Mine flail can instantly destroy 3 x 3 mines (by driving over them) before needing to be repaired/replaced by the tank crew (takes 1 hour cooldown).

Only Heavy armored, tracked vehicles can use mine flails during Berget-games and they must be accepted by Berget-crew pre-game.
There is an in-game currency used during the game to buy wares, services and weapons. This money has no value outside the game but is able to give you or your team an advantage in game. Some soldiers and weapons go to the highest bidder. All money is given to chosen characters before the game. During the game you will receive money if you are fighting for one of the conflicts fractions others might barter or sell intelligence to the highest bidder and in that fashion getting their hands on the money. Anyone is free to plunder any fallen enemy of Berget-dollars.

NOTE! Money will look different from previous Berget games. Any attempts to counterfeit Berget-dollars and put them into circulation will lead to immediate ban.
Players are not allowed to create, invent or use any kind of prop or made up story involving weapons of mass destruction such as Nuclear Bombs, Chemical Bombs, Viruses or any other type of weapon that directly or indirectly effect large groups of people.
While these kind of weapons might exist in some of the stories of some Berget games, they will then be clearly announced by Berget Events.
Most participants will be sleeping in by crew provided military tents. There will be a 6 hour game-off during night in all base areas (03:00 to 09:00). Keep quiet during these times and respect your sleeping teammates.

Berget-events issue one sleeping place for every ticket holder. Worth noticing that we will not put furnaces in the tents so everyone should bring warm sleeping bags and sleeping mattress. Your gear should be stored under a tarp outside the tent during the night. Each tent has a capacity to hold 14-16 men. It is prohibited to bring larger mattresses/beds than 200 x 60cm to tents supplied by Berget-Events. All participants can bring their own tents but the tents need to be military in character and hold at least 12 people.

To avoid the risk of theft, we recommend that your team store objects of value in a large wooden box with a lock outside the tent. These can be rented from Berget-events. Just email info@berget-events.com if you are interested.

It is absolutely prohibited to enter/attack/sneak up to a base during game off. It is also at all times forbidden to take cover inside or fire your weapon in/out of tents.

If you sneak into a tent during in-game you should use knife kills. If resting inside tents during in-game always keep your eye protection nearby or, ideally, sleep with it on.

(The following only concern those who want to bring your own tents.)

We have received several inquiries from players who want to bring their own tents to Berget We have decided that players who wish to do so are allowed, under the condition that the tents fill the listed requirements below:

- The tent must be a military tent for at least twelve people. - The tent must be OD or green camouflage. - You will raise the tent in an area designated to you. - Tents must be clearly marked with team name and what company and platoon the team belongs to.

Base staff will show you the right location for your tent.

The tent must be approved by Berget-events beforehand. Therefore send a picture and information of the tent to info@berget-events.com.

Main Bases are OFF-GAME 03:00-09:00 every night, and the entire last day ( Saturday )

From 03:00 Saturday morning , No aggression may take Place towards any teams main base.
If a person is arrested or taken prisoner, their weapon will be confiscated. This is symbolized by making the weapon safe and tying a section of barrier red / orange tape round the barrel or body. The weapon and its accessories are retained by the owner, who carries it slung if possible. If the prisoner approves, others may carry the weapon: it should always be within the prisoner’s sight. If the prisoner escapes or is released, they may not use their weapon until five minutes later. It is not allowed to take an enemy weapon to use. A prisoner cannot use knife kills but knockouts may still be used.

Searching a captive:
 1. If a person does not want to be searched, but wants to keep on playing. You state to this person:

-You are hereby searched and stripped as if it were a real strip-search. You are no longer able to use any weapon, either hidden or unhidden as a means of escaping or attacking us.

The prisoner MUST comply to these words and can actually not use any (hidden) weapon against his captors. Any hidden, but in-game used and Berget (or HQ) provided materials like maps and codes etc MUST be handed over without asking of the captors.

2. A person does want to be searched.

You state to this person:

-We will now (strip) search you. You can at all times call us to stop searching you any further and go off game. The search may go on as long as the prisoner does not call off the search. After the search the prisoner CAN use any hidden weapons against his captors as he sees fit.

3. A person does not want to be searched and chooses to go off game. The person MUST and over ANY in-game materials (see note 1.)
Prisoners may be taken, whether for arrests, prisoner exchanges, ransoms or information. However, if restraints (handcuffs, flexi-cuffs, etc) are used, there are strict rules to follow. Hands must always be secured in front of the body; never behind. The person being captured must be able to release themselves easily off-game, so some means of removing the restraints a key, pliers, etc should be placed in their pocket.

Great care must be taken when applying any restraints to avoid cutting off the blood supply to the hands. Ask the prisoner if the restraints are too tight, and if you are using handcuffs, make sure you apply the transport lock to prevent the cuffs from tightening further. If a prisoner escapes, they should be able to remove their restraints easily. Prisoners being held in tents or buildings may not be restrained, for fire safety reasons.
If you at any time feel uncomfortable, or if you want to break for any reason, simply say off-game. You then cease to exist in-game, and everyone around you continues as if you were not there. This is particularly intended for people who do not wish to be searched or restrained. It may not be used as a loophole to get past guards, it is not an invisibility cloak. If you have used the off-game rule (other than for a search, as above) you should immediately return to your Safe-zone and re-spawn. You can also use it to comment off game, if for instance you simply want the role playing toned down a bit.

Game on If the game is for any reason called "game off", the call to resume is "game on".
All indoor play (CQB) is limited to weapons with a muzzle velocity of no more than 109 m/s (357 fps). Long guns must be fired from the shoulder as far as possible. Random fire is not permitted, and ricochets do not count as hits.

NOTE! It is considered as cheating if you break this rule.
Some buildings will be locked and can only be opened by engineers. It takes 2 minutes per door. This is indicated with a yellow “X” on the door. (Spray paint) Engineers need Crowbar or TNT to open a door. (props)
These area-of-effect weapons are only used coordinated with a game-master using pyro to simulate. The proximity of these weapons may vary. Game masters will let you know if you are hit. To avoid being hit you must take cover. Always obey the game master's ruling.

NOTE! Only Commanders and forward observers will be able to use area of effect weapons.
Explosives may be used to destroy objects like buildings, radio masts and doors. Only engineers may use explosives. Use of explosives requires a 10 meter safety perimeter, and enforcing this is the engineer's responsibility. Explosives may only be used against objects, and they may not be thrown. They must be placed carefully. Rigging the charge must take at least two minutes. The charge we use is completely legal and detonates like a small firework.

NOTE! Players may not construct their own explosives; all relevant players (engineers) will be briefed and issued explosives on the day.

We allow both sonic Berget grenades and gas driven BB shooting grenades like Tornados. For all BB shooting grenades normal hit rules apply.

Sonic grenades (B.A.P.S.) If you are in a room when a sonic B.A.P.S. grenade detonates you are hit. (No matter if you are behind furniture or other cover, you are hit.) You must put up a death-rag and yell “HIT”. If a player enters a room during the 10 second "detonation"-sound he is also hit. Normal HIT-rules apply.

You may NOT reset a thrown grenade and throw it back! Only the owner of the grenade can reset it. You may NOT retrieve your thrown grenade during and ongoing firefight in a building.

The B.A.P.S. grenade effect does not work outdoors, the rules only apply for indoor use in bunkers, cars, tents or rooms. It is important to know that the grenade does not eliminate a whole house, only people in the room where the grenade is thrown. If you are OUTDOORS and a B.A.P.S. grenade detonates near you (beep beep beep) you are NOT hit. (Use other approved grenades in these situations)

The sonic grenade is the only grenade you are allowed to use against cars with open turret or windows. If using a grenade against a vehicle, you can only “drop” the grenade into a open window or turret/hatch. Never throw the grenade from a distance. If a B.A.P.S. grenade detonates inside a vehicle, all players inside are hit. The vehicle is NOT destroyed. You may never approach a MOVING vehicle to drop a grenade.

NOTE! If the driver area and the passenger area is separated, (e.g. truck with driver cabin) only people in one area are hit. The rule is "all within the four walls are hit".
As it stands, no player brought pyrotechnic devices may be used within the game area. Unless the situation changes, no player may bring any form of pyrotechnics, whether commercial or home-made. Smoke and FX will be provided by crew to concerned players.
Helmets and body armor has no in-game effect, except that helmets protect players from being knocked out. Shields may not be brought, though a few will be available and issued when appropriate by your commander in special missions.
<< Will be updated Shortly >>
<< Will be updated Shortly >>
You are not allowed to market companies products or services on the game area, for instance on clothing, cars etc. without prior consent of Berget Crew. To get such permission, please contact mattias@berget-events.com