The situation in Lirantina 2019 went from bad to worse. Government forces failed to retrieve and secure the baralonium barrels but instead damaged and destroyed them in an artillery strike on the convoy transporting the barrels. The fighting between the two sides continued as the civilian population fled out of the area not trusting the government forces to protect them. Those who stayed were forced away or executed by the local police.

As a result of the disaster, different extremist groups quickly formed where people didn't trust neither the government forces nor General Fuentes, and small isolated societies began to form in the outskirts of Lirantina. The most prominent and powerful of these societies are known as the 'Cult of Crows'. They are an extremely religious group of people who have disconnected themselves from modern society and live their own simple agriculture life in an area deep within the forest. The Cult has been in the area for decades, but it's only now when other groups have tried to form in the area that their power and hostility against outsiders have been shown.

The cult is ruthless and unforgiving to anyone who doesn't share their beliefs, and they don't hesitate to use force against anyone who intrude on their land.
Recent Events
During a fierce summer storm, a strategic bomber on a live exercise was shot down in Lirantina. The aircraft was carrying no less than five nuclear warheads. According to news outlets worldwide a superpower has confirmed the loss, but which superpower remains to be made official.

The warheads are scattered in the region of Crauji, a desolate place with almost no inhabitants except for a religious cult that calls themselves Cult of Crows. The cult has been keeping to themselves and have been hostile against newcomers in the past. Survivors have been found rambling incoherent horrible stories about religious rites, fanaticism and kidnappings.

Satellite photos of the area show large ground activity close to the area of the shot down bomber, as well as small groups of armed groups close to the warheads.

With the recent years escalating conflicts and the threat of nuclear terrorism growing bigger, the United Nations (UN) has assembled and trained a Global Counter-Terrorist unit known as GCT.  They have been equipped and trained to stop threats using unconventional methods, and whilst little is known about this GCT unit, their past official deployments has all been successful, but ruthless and with a large number of civilian casualties. 

Even though it’s clear that the warheads are, in short terms, secure and cannot be detonated, they can leak radiation if damaged, and the risk of nuclear warheads falling into the wrong hands is a risk the world isn't willing to take, and the Global Counter-Terrorist units have been deployed to retrieve the warheads.

The warheads are equipped with tracking devices with internal batteries that should last about 1 week.

All 5 warheads seem to be scattered in a relatively small area of about 4 square miles, but two of the warheads quickly lost the tracking signal after only a few days.  With only an estimated 5 days of tracker battery left, GCT forces rush to secure the warheads to prevent them from falling into terrorist hands.